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More on Steven Molnar

I realised that there were a few visitors to my site who were looking for information on Steven Molnar. Being curious, I decided to “google” him to find out more about him.

I managed to pull up these two interesting articles that were related to Steven Molnar:

While the information can’t be confirmed at this point in time, I would definitely exercise greater caution during his upcoming real estate mastery seminar.

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Swarnie says 11 years ago

I attended the 5 day realsestate mastery program and must say I thought it was great value. So much information and sometimes 10 hour days in education. Yes, they did a tour and try and spruke some property in Melbourne, but I did not feel any pressure whatsoever to buy it…
So, yes, he is a great presenter, he’s passionate about investing and as a couple, we gained alot from it.

Steven Molnar Real Estate Mastery Course | Den of The Lion Investor says 13 years ago

[…] and an upcoming property development project to us. Are they good? If you recall my earlier post on Steven Molnar, there seemed to be a couple of websites with negative feedback on Steven. Most of it was directed […]

lioninvestor says 13 years ago

Hi Iratus,

I am not too sure what Steven was promoting in Melbourne.

Thanks for posting those links.

Seems that Empowernet isn’t doing too well but I don’t think we can use that to judge whether the Real Estate course conducted by Steven Molnar is good or bad.

Iratus says 13 years ago

Could you please tell me if Stephen Molnar was promoting real estate for sale in Melbourne Australia?
If so was it for the Wyndham Waters estate? If he was then you may need to check over these articles.

Note: This article was published in July 2006. Kaye was questioned in the Autralian Federal Court September 2006 by council representing Grant Thornton, the liquidators for the National Investment Institute.
Fact: No legal action was ever instigated against “The Age” newspaper for the content in this article. (Checked!)
Note: This article was printed in July 2006. Steven Molnar now presents or has presented the Real Estate Mastery course promoted by Empowernet.
Fact: No legal action was ever instigated against “The Age” newspaper for the content in this article. (Checked!)
This article provides photographic evidence of Kaye using a disabled parking space in Flinders lane. The parking space is across the road from Lewis Janover’s legal practice Level 2, 517 Flinders Lane. Janover has acted on behalf of Kaye in legal matters.
Note: If you check the photograph closely Kaye is carrying a green folder. If you invert the photograph and sharpen the image the word on the folder is “Empowernet”.
Fact: No legal action was ever brought against “The Age” newspaper for the content in this story. (Checked!)
No legal action was instigated against Kaye by Glen Eira council (Apparently a case could not be made).,21985,21771422-664,00.html
Note: Les Freeman and First Capital have holdings in Vision Pursuit & Empowernet. Freeman is a director of Empowernet.,23739,22933292-3122,00.html
The article states:
• Empowernet posted a $20.7 Million dollar loss for the last financial year (2006-2007).
• Issue price for Empowernet was $0.50 but had dropped to 2.5 cents each.
• Since July 2007 Les Freeman closed a Brisbane auction business and put 2 of his companies into administration.
• One of the firms Adelaide Investments is now in liquidation and owes almost $6.7 million dollars to unsecured creditors.
• Freeman, his wife, and several of their companies also owe $1.27 million to 3 non bank lenders each having won court cases in October 2007.


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