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Credit Default Swaps Written Off?

I saw this article in the newspaper yesterday. The headline reads: Bond insurers want $171b of risk cover written off. The story is that banks have purchased (from bond insurers) quite a large sum of credit default swaps (CDS) to protect themselves against collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) defaults. Faced with downgrades and heavy financial pressures, […]

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Marc Faber Interview on Bloomberg

Some pointers (and views of Marc) from this short Marc Faber interview. What’s your outlook from here?The cyclicals, energy and the material stocks, like steel and iron ore companies will come under pressure. The downside in banks is running out. There are other sectors that are more vulnerable. What would you be buying? We should […]

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The Ugly Truth About Inflation

We might have come across this phrase “Rising prices is the cause of inflation“. Is this really true? In the world of finance, cause and effect is often misunderstood. I’m no economist – but I will try to explain in layman terms what inflation is. First of all, the phrase I quoted at the start […]

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Wong Sui Jau on Market Updates and Facing a Volatile 2008

Another speaker during the SMART Expo that pulled in the crowd was Mr Wong Sui Jau, the general manager from Fundsupermart iFAST Financial Ptd Ltd. Here are some pointers from his presentation as well as his recommended sectors for 2008. US Economy In the next 12 months, US will fall into a recession. Consumer sentiment […]

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Daryl Guppy on Market Myths

One paid session of the ATIC that I attended was the one by Daryl Guppy. The title of his presentation was “Myth Breakers – Understanding real market behaviour“. Market myths are commonly accepted thinking or explanations related to the stock market. These myths do not really reflect the real situation. “Uncommon results, such as superior […]

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