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Joint Action by Central Banks to Boost USD Liquidity

In a coordinated move yesterday, The European Central Bank, U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the central banks of Canada, Japan and Switzerland announced that they would make it easier for European banks to gain access to US$ liquidity. The central banks agreed to reduce the cost of temporary dollar loans they offer […]

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Warren Buffett CNBC Interview November 2011

Warren Buffett recently did an 3-hr interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box. During the interview, Warren discussed his thoughts on various subjects like Europe, the housing market and financial institutions that are too big too fail. He also revealed one stock that he has been accumulating. Clue : Harold. Here are the videos of most of […]

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Confusion Over France Downgrade

Last Thursday, S&P caused a shock in the bond markets when it informed some of the subscribers that it had downgraded the credit rating of France. An hour and a half after the original message was sent out, S&P sent out a clarification that┬áthe message resulted from a technical error and not from any action […]

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MF Global Files for Bankruptcy Protection

The big (and expected) news yesterday was that MF Global has declared bankruptcy. A buyout by Interactive Brokers was abandoned at the last minute due to realisation that some money was missing from some customers accounts. Regulators are now investigating whether MF Global diverted some customer funds to support its own trades. The failure of […]

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MF Global Seeks Sale as Bankruptcy Looms

MF Global, one of the world’s leading broker-dealer of exchange listed futures and options, has emerged as one of the biggest casualties from Europe’s crisis. MF Global is now suffering from its US$6.3 billion exposure to European sovereign debt, and is looking for buyers to save itself. In the past week, the corporate bonds of […]

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