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MAS Macroeconomic Review October 2011

The Macroeconomic Review is published twice a year in conjunction with the release of the MAS Monetary Policy Statement (MPS). The purpose of the Review is to provide information on the Economic Policy Group’s background analysis and assessment of GDP growth and inflation developments in the Singapore economy, and in doing so, to share with […]

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Preparing for Failure of Greece

The talk in the market is that the European Financial Stability Facility or EFSF will be expanded from its current €440 billion to €2 trillion. That is a massive amount of money. This video analysis (done a few weeks ago) predicts that €2 trillion of funds will need to be ready before Greece can be […]

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MAS Monetary Policy Statement Oct 2011

MAS released their monetary policy statementlast Friday. Core inflation should gradually ease from an estimated 2.3% in Q4 this year to 1.5% at the end of 2012. It is forecast to be around 1.5-2% in 2012, compared to about 2.1% in 2011. Growth in the Singapore economy could fall below its potential rate of 3-5%. […]

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The Collapse of Dexia Bank

This video looks at what happens if Dexia shuts down and the options available to save it. Could this lead to a Lehman moment?

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Singapore Debt Position and AAA Rating

Based on an article published in Fortune Magazine’s on 15th August 2011, Singapore was the eighth most indebted country in the world. Fortune said that Singapore had debts of US$254 billion (S$307 billion), equivalent to 95% of its gross domestic product (GDP). MOF has clarified that the Fortune Magazine’s article is misleading as it only […]

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