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Swine Flu Chart

I have added a Swine Flu chart showing the number of laboratory Influenza A (H1N1) (Swine Flu) cases confirmed worldwide.

As of this post, the number of cases in the US (1639) has already exceeded the number of cases in Mexico (1364). However, the number of fatality remains higher in Mexico (45) compared to US (2).

If you look at the State by State breakdown in the US, it seems to be pretty widespread throughout the country. Containment doesn’t look to be possible so hopefully the strain doesn’t develop into something more serious.

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kenneth says 12 years ago

Hi Lioninvestor,

Should include fatality graph as this will indicate the seriousness. At this moment, people are treating Swine Virus to be similar to that normal flu fatality and treatable by tamiflu.

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