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Aviva Re-enters the General Insurance Market

AVIVA, the world’s fifth largest insurance group, has re-entered the Asian general insurance market – five years after it left. Back then, Aviva sold its general insurance business in Asia to Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance. The arm that was sold was renamed MSIG and there was a clause for Aviva not to compete in the general […]

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POSB MyPlus Plan

POSB has teamed up with Aviva to offer a 5-year single premium endowment product that pays 2.25% interest every year. This is a no-frills non-participating insurance product which also provides a sum assured of 101% of single premium for death or 106% of single premium for accidental death. At the end of the 5 years, […]

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Enhancement to Aviva Myshield and Myshield Plus

Aviva recently announced some enhancements to their MyShield and MyShield Plus plan. MyShield On top of the existing comprehensive coverage, MyShield now also covers the following: a) inpatient pregnancy complications b) inpatient congenital anomalies c) living donor organ transplant performed in Singapore The following MyShield benefits have also been improved to offer better coverage: a) […]

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Aviva Introduces Myshield Plan 1 Promotion for Children

Myshield is an integrated health insurance plan provided by Aviva. Currently, as long as both parents are covered under Aviva’s Myshield Plan 1 or 2, their children will be covered for free under Myshield Plan 2 up to 20 years of age. This benefit has always been a double-edged sword because some parents who are […]

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Aviva Myshield Enhancements

Aviva recently announced some enhancements to their medical insurance plan, Aviva Myshield. Some of the chnages include: 1. Confinement in Community Hospital (max 45 days stay) 2. Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for selected government hospitals 3. Absorption of costs from obtaining medical records 4. Enhanced benefits for major medical transplant The LOG enhancement takes effect […]

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