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Singapore Budget 2013

The Singapore budget announced a few days ago came with measures to focus on restructuring and promoting a more inclusive society. Restructuring for quality growth Further tightening of foreign worker policies Providing a 3-year transition support package Strengthening productivity incentives Developing capabilities for new growth incentives Companies have been hit by a further increase in […]

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Singapore Budget 2012

Singapore Budget 2011 was announced by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam last Friday. The full Singapore Budget 2012 can be downloaded here. Apart from the changes affecting companies, what would be some of the changes or initiatives what would affect individual Singaporeans either directly or indirectly? Here’s a quick summary of some of them: An acknowledgement that […]

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Budget 2012 Quiz

MOF has launched a Budget Quiz 2012 to promote greater awareness and understanding of the annual budget process. The quiz comprises a weekly series of 10 multiple-choice questions covering the budget process as well as economic, taxation and social policies. Those who are able to answer all the questions correctly will qualify for a weekly […]

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Singapore Budget 2011

Singapore Budget 2011 was announced by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam yesterday. I read with amusement the report by Straits Times that the end of radio and TV license “was greeted by loud cheers and clapping from parliamentarians in the house.” Surely we have more important things to rejoice about? With the spread of the internet […]

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Singapore Budget 2011 Feedback

I’m not too sure whether this makes any difference but if you want to provide some feedback on what are the issues you feel that are relevant to Budget 2011, you can do it by using the webform here: Singapore Budget 2011 Feedback The webform is kind of interesting because it says “Please identify yourself […]

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