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Chartered Rights Results

Yesterday, Chartered Semiconductor (CSM) announced the results of their Rights Issue. A total number of 9,863,594,873 Rights Shares was applied for, which is a 144% take up rate of the total Rights Shares on offer. Out of these application, 6,498,268,407 (95% of offering size) was for normal subscriptions and 3,365,326,466 (49% of offering size) was […]

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Chartered Rights Arbitrage

If you noticed, the closing price of Chartered yesterday was 0.11/0.115 while it was 0.025/0.03 for the rights. This is also the trading price at the time of this post. It seems that the rights are trading at a slight discount than what they should be trading at. Theoretically, the price difference between the rights […]

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Chartered Rights Dialogue

Chartered, together with SIAS, will be holding a dialogue session to address questions that Chartered shareholders may have on the Rights Offering.  The dialogue session will include a presentation by Chartered President and CEO, Mr Chia Song Hwee, on the Rights Offering, followed by a Q&A session moderated by SIAS President and CEO, Mr David […]

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