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Fighting Investor-Rights Abuses in China

Yesterday, I read an article on Barron that had an interview with a guy called Dan David who used to be an investor in US-listed China stocks. When Dan first read research reports that were pretty negative about some of these companies, his initial impression was that they were wrong. So he decided to set […]

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Trust Loans and Property Developers in China

Seeing how the Chinese government is restricting funding avenues to property developers in China, it would take a very brave investor to invest into the country’s property companies. The latest emphasis by the regulator is to check on the financing by property developers using trust loans. Trust loans are usually short-term debt that’s repackaged into […]

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Celestial Nutrifoods Money Go Round

The following account submitted by the provisional liquidator of Celestial Nutrifoods shows just how well (and fast) fraudsters can act to move money and assets out of legal shareholders’ reach before they can even blink their eye. I bet whatever “nutrients” is left in the company would have already been sucked dry. An expensive and […]

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China Yurun Food Group Hurt by Muddy Waters Rumors

The share price of Chinese meat processor China Yurun Food Group has come under pressure in the last few days with rumors that Muddy Waters is going to release a negative research report on it. A quick check at the Muddy Waters website shows that their latest target is Spreadtrum, Communications Inc (SPRD). Singapore state […]

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United Renminbi Bond Fund Launch

United Renminbi bond fund will start trading from 3rd May 2011 and the initial offer period will be from 16th March 2011 to 29th April 2011. While there are already a couple of Renminbi bond funds that cater to the accredited investors space, UOB Asset Management (UOBAM) is the first fund house in Singapore that […]

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