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Fixed Deposits Promotions 2014

There was quite a fair bit of interest in my previous post on the POSB 1.5% p.a. savings promotion, so I thought I can update you on some of the other fixed deposit rates right now. Generally, interest rates are slowly creeping up with the end of qualitative easing in the US. These are some […]

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CIMB Max InvestSave Structured Deposit

Someone asked me about the CIMB Max InvestSave Structured Deposit. This is a long term (15 or 25 years) structured deposit that can give you equity-like returns via exposure to the CIMB Evergreen II Index. The CIMB Evergreen II Index tracks a wide range of markets across major economic regions and asset classes which adopts […]

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CIMB StarSaver

CIMB has officially launched its retail banking business in Singapore just a couple of days ago. It is currently handicapped as it can have only two branches here. This is because it has only a full banking licence and not a qualifying full bank licence (QFB), which would have allowed it to have branches and […]

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CIMB FD Promotion

I saw this banner of a CIMB Bank fixed deposit promotion and thought of sharing the details here with you. These are the terms: Interest: 1.8% p.a. for 12-month SGD or 1.5% p.a. for 3-month SGD Minimum amount of $10k only Available to both new and existing customers Falls under the Singapore Governments guarantee until […]

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