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MAS Prohibition Orders

On the website of MAS, they have a page for reporting their enforcement actions. There’s a long list of enforcement actions reported on 24th August 2010. Five were against financial adviser’s representatives of DBS for giving inappropriate advice with regards to the selling of the DBS High Notes. MAS had deemed four of their performance […]

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DBS HK Compensates HK$651m to Clients Who Bought Lehman-linked Notes

Hong Kong authorities have come to an agreement with DBS HK on the amount of compensation to customers who bought Lehman-Link notes structured by DBS. $651 million Hong Kong dollars or about S$115 million will be paid out to some clients who bought these products. The 2160 low risk customers who accept the resolution scheme […]

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DBS Introduces Singapore’s First Internet Banking Guarantee

Last Friday, DBS introduced a “money safe” guarantee to give its Internet banking (iBanking) customers added protection and greater peace of mind. With the “money safe” guarantee, DBS’ iBanking customers will be automatically protected when transacting online, with the bank reimbursing them in the unlikely event of unauthorised transactions on their iBanking account. Customers will […]

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DBS Cuts Sales Charge for Unit Trusts

DBS has recently started taking drastic steps to gain market share in the sale of unit trusts. They have implemented a 1% sales charge policy on the sale of any unit trusts under their platform. This rate is even more competitive than the 2% or 1.5%  found in other online unit trusts platform providers. In […]

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DBS Invest Choice Account

I chanced upon an advertisement for the DBS Invest Choice Account a couple of days ago. Taking a closer look at the product, I realised that it is almost the same as the POSB Invest SingGrowth Account that POSB launched back in June 2009. You can refer to the POSB Invest SingGrowth Account post for […]

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