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Unit Trust Platforms in Singapore

Many years ago, unit trusts were sold exclusively by the banks and other financial institutions in Singapore. In the good old days (to the sellers), funds were sold at an upfront sales charge of 5%. Insurance companies then joined in the fray when they launched investment-linked (ILP) type of insurance policies, which were a special […]

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Zero Sales Charge for Bond Funds

The ongoing war towards low (or zero) commissions for unit trusts looks set to spiral on as both leading platforms of unit trusts in Singapore, Fundsupermart and Dollardex, announced their 0% sales charge program for bond funds program last week. For Dollardex, they now have a list of 30+ bond funds that does not have […]

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Zero Percent Sales Charge Offer for CPFIS Funds

You know we are slowly heading towards a zero (or close to zero) sales charge environment for unit trusts when fund distributors start selling funds at 0% sales charge. From 1 February 2011 to 31 March 2011, all funds purchased at dollarDEX under CPFIS will be at 0% sales charge. This promotional price excludes switching […]

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Dollardex Sales Charge Promotion for CPFIS

Dollardex has announced that all funds purchased under CPFIS from 8 June 2010 to 31 July 2010 on their platform will be at 0% sales charge. This comes a few days after they conducted a poll to ask whether the current 3% cap on sales charge of CPFIS is reasonable. Competition is getting intense with […]

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Fundsupermart to Impose Platform Fees

Recently, Fundsupermart (FSM), a popular platform used by many retail DIY investors to buy unit trusts, announced that they would be charging their users a platform fee with effect from May 2010. The charges will apply to investments made using cash or SRS. Increasing operating costs has been cited as one of the reasons for […]

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