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EURCHF Carnage as SNF Abandons Euro Floor

Following the decision of Swiss National Bank (SNF) to abandon their 3-year 1.20 Euro currency floor, the value of EUR/CHF collapsed in a matter of minutes. This is how the hourly chart looks like with the low of 0.82 off the charts…. Besides abandoning the floor, the SNF also cut interest rates from -0.25% to -0.75%. SNF apparently […]

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Why the Cyprus Bailout Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think

The Cyprus bailout plan could have far greater implications than you think. Will the Cyprus act of taking money from the bank depositors be the start of a loss of confidence in banks in the Eurozone? One thing we know for sure is that depositors in Cyprus will be making massive withdrawals from their banks. […]

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Jim Rogers Q and A at Shares Investment Conference

This is a continuation of Jim Rogers Review at Shares Investment Conference. After giving about 40 minutes of his keynote address, Jim Rogers spent the rest of his allocated time answering questions from the audience. The questions came thick and fast with long queues at the microphones. The answers were also lengthy, and the entire […]

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