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Gold Trading Schemes Warning

The recent raids by the authorities on Genneva Gold in Malaysia and Singapore have lead to an uproar, especially in Malaysia. The Malaysian authorities have taken a step further and investigated a number of such gold investment companies. The effects are widespread as the investor base is huge. From the number of articles that I […]

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Genneva Gold FAQ by CAD

CAD has published a FAQ page to answer some common questions asked by Genneva Gold customers. The FAQ can be found here: Genneva Gold CAD FAQ Affected Genneva customers can check that page regularly for the latest updates. Any monies and gold currently seized by CAD will have to remain with them until the Court […]

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Genneva Gold Raided in Singapore and Malaysia

genneva gold

Gold trading firm Genneva Gold was raided by the authorities in both Singapore and Malaysia in a simultaneous operation yesterday. In Singapore, the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) moved in to seize documents and computers for investigations. In Malaysia, multiple agencies which included officers from the police,┬áBank Negara, the Companies Commission of Malaysia and the Ministry […]

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Genneva Gold in the News

This news report on Genneva Gold was broadcasted on Channel 8 last night. For those who do not understand Mandarin, this is the summary: Genneva Gold is in trouble and unable to fulfill its monetary and gold obligations to its customers. Amount of gold involved is suspected to be more than 500kg. Company declined to […]

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How to Invest In Gold In Singapore

Some people have asked me what are the different ways to invest in gold in Singapore and also which is the best way. In this gold-related article, I shall list out the ways that an individual can do so along with the pros and cons of each method. This article is meant to be introductory, […]

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