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Confusion Over France Downgrade

Last Thursday, S&P caused a shock in the bond markets when it informed some of the subscribers that it had downgraded the credit rating of France. An hour and a half after the original message was sent out, S&P sent out a clarification that the message resulted from a technical error and not from any action […]

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Preparing for Failure of Greece

The talk in the market is that the European Financial Stability Facility or EFSF will be expanded from its current €440 billion to €2 trillion. That is a massive amount of money. This video analysis (done a few weeks ago) predicts that €2 trillion of funds will need to be ready before Greece can be […]

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John Mauldin on Greek Default

Are we reaching the end of the road? Greece is now desperately selling some of its national assets. This is the modern warfare – losing one’s assets via economic and political means. Will the Greek citizens be able to accept that or will they say enough is enough and walk away? And we now have […]

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Eurozone Bailout Plan for Greece?

After months of lobbying, it was announced that the Eurozone had come to an agreement on a bailout plan for Greece. The agreement will also apply to any other financially troubled Eurozone members who might need help in the future. Under the terms of the bailout,  Eurozone members and IMF would provide funds for a […]

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PIIGS Threatens Stability of Eurozone

PIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain are currently the five weakest of the Eurozone countries. Their huge deficits has lead the financial markets to increasingly believe in recent days that one of them might default on its sovereign debt. Their recently downgraded credit ratings not only makes it more expensive for them to […]

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