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MAS Sets Out Resolution Process and Timeline for Investors of Structured Products

MAS just released a statement providing the numbers of people affected by Lehman Minibonds, Jubilee Series 3 and DBS High Notes 5. The investment amount of each product was also given. More importantly, it gave out specific timelines to financial institutions who have received complaints. For holders of Minibond series 5 and 6, you might […]

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Hong Lim Park Gathering for Structured Product Investors

The gathering for structured product investors has been confirmed: Venue: Speaker’s Corner, Hong Lim Park Date: Saturday 11 October from 5 to 7 pm. Topic: Petition to Singapore Government on Credit Linked Securities. Speakers: 1. Tan Kin Lian 2. Leong Sze Hian As a large crowed is expected, it may not be possible for some […]

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Lehman Minibond on CNBC

A short clip by CNBC on credit-linked securities like Lehman Minibond, Jubilee Notes and DBS High Notes. CNBC Minibond Video  

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Jubilee Series 3 Liquidation Value

I just received a note from Jubilee Finance and Merrill Lynch with the calculation of the final liquidation value of the Jubilee Series 3. Jubilee Series 3 Notice to Investors First of all, how it works is that in the case of any default, you (the noteholder), will give up the underlying security of your […]

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MAS Approach to Dealing with Sale of Structured Products

This evening, MAS isssued two statements with regards to the sale of structured products by financial institutions. MAS and Financial Institutions to Ensure Investor Complaints are Dealt With Quickly and Fairly MAS’ Approach in Dealing with Recent Developments Concerning the Sale of Structured Products Essentially, they have appointed three individuals to oversee the relevant FIs’ complaints […]

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