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How to File a Dispute for Structured Product Victims

This post is for those who have purchased structured products like Minibond, Jubilee, DBS High Notes, etc. If you feel you have been mispresented or given inadequate advise and would have to seek compensation against the financial institution that sold you the products, you might want to refer to the following as a guide.  There have […]

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Jubilee Series 3 LinkEarner Notes

I have some bad news for Jubilee Series 3 LinkEarner Notes owners. I found this Q and A issued by Merrill Lynch on CIMB’s website. (They have subsequently removed the Q and A) Question 4 : What is the likely Credit Event Redemption Amount? The Credit Event Redemption Amount has not yet been finalized but wil […]

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Minibond Victims Turn to MAS

Yesterday, a group of Minibond investors turned up at the National Library at 7pm to talk about their “Minibond woes” and discuss further action. As the meeting was arranged at a short notice, I had expected only a small group of investors to be at the meeting. Instead, I saw a big group of 100+ […]

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Merrill Lynch Jubilee Series 8 Notes

You might probably have seen advertisements for the Merrill Lynch Jubilee Series 8 Notes recently. (If you haven’t, you can download the product fact sheet at the link below:) Merrill Lynch Jubilee Series 8 Notes Fact Sheet The Jubilee Series 8 Notes promises 3.15% p.a. for a period of 2.5 years. It also offers “100% […]

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