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Launch of Lyxor Indonesia and Thailand ETF

Lxyor has recently launched two new ETFs, one for Indonesia and the other for Thailand. Both are swap-based and have a trading currency of USD. The ETFs have an annual management fee of 0.55% and 0.45% respectively. This brings the total number of ETFs on SGX to 92. The new ETFs offer exposure to Thailand […]

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The Dangers of Synthetic ETFs

Any serious buyer of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) should know the difference between ETFs that employ a cash-based replication strategy, compared to one that is swap-based (or synthetic replication). How a swap-based ETF works is that instead of investing into the underlying market, the ETF will hold some other securities and then enter into a […]

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Delisting of Lyxor ETF MSCI Thailand

I just saw an announcement by Lyxor that the Lyxor Thailand ETF will be delisted from SGX on 14th August 2009. There msut be an earlier announcement on this but I missed that. CDP will credit the respective accounts of the remaining Singapore investors that were still holding the units of the ETF with the […]

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New Lyxor ETFs to Cover Regions Outside Asia

Lyxor International Asset Management will list five new ETFs on SGX on 12 May 2009. The new ETFs are: Lyxor ETF Eastern Europe Lyxor ETF MSCI Emerging Markets Lyxor ETF MSCI EM Latin America Lyxor ETF MSCI World Lyxor ET Nasdaq-100 Lyxor ETF Eastern Europe tracks the preformance of CECE EUR Index published by Vienna […]

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Five New Lyxor Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Societe Generale’s wholly owned subsidiary Lyxor Asset Management, has listed five new Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) on SGX recently. These ETFs track the performance of four Asian equity and one commodity-linked fund: MSCI Thailand MSCI Malaysia MSCI India MSCI Asia APEX 50 (an index made up of 50 stocks in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, […]

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