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EcoHouse on MAS Investor Alert List

Today, there was an article on Straits Times that Brazilian property developer EcoHouse has been placed on MAS Investor Alert List. Actually, the news is not new as EcoHouse was already placed on the MAS watch list quite a while back. The sales network manager of EcoHouse, Simon Dawson, did not respond to Straits Times […]

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How Do You Define Financial Advice?

A few weeks ago, Wilfred Ling wrote a letter to MAS asking questions on the regulating of investment seminars. MAS responded by asking people to be beware of of those offering financial advice without a license. Both letters can be found here: ST Forum: Regulate investment seminars The reply by MAS left some doubts in my […]

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Feedback to Review of Securities Market Structure and Practices

This is the feedback that I submitted for the the public consultation : Review of Securities Market Structure and Practices Question 1: MAS and SGX seek views on:  (i) the proposed concept of a minimum trading price as a continuing listing requirement for issuers listed on the Mainboard. The minimal trading price proposal is unnecessary and […]

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MAS Broadens Exemption from TSDR Threshold

After receiving much feedback, MAS has decided to broaden the existing exemption of Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) threshold of 60 per cent for borrowers who bought their property before the TSDR rules were introduced. The exemption takes place with immediate effect. Refinancing of owner-occupied property loans Under the revised rules, a borrower who bought […]

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MAS and SGX Propose Measures to Strengthen the Securities Market

Following the penny stock fiasco last year, MAS and SGX has proposed some measures to enhance orderly trading and transparency. The consultation paper can be found here: Review of Securities Market Structure and Practices Some key proposed changes include: Requiring customers to post a collateral of 5% on open positions by the end of the […]

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