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Medisave for Mental Illness

Medisave can be used to pay for the outpatient treatment of two more chronic diseases, schizophrenia and major depression, starting from 1st October 2009. Schizophrenia and Major Depression are chronic mental diseases that can potentially cause significant burden and disability.  Schizophrenia, which affects nearly 1% of the population, is a chronic psychiatric disorder that requires […]

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Changes to CPF Minimum Sum and Medisave Limits

Some updates on recent and upcoming changes to Medisave and CPF Minimum Sum. CPF Minimum Sum The CPF Minimum sum will be raised from $106k to $117k from 1st July 2009. This is the amount of money you need to set aside in your combined CPF OA and SA balance before you can withdraw the […]

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Managing Your Health & Wealth in Your 40s

The CPF Board will be organising a half-day seminar on health and wealth for those who are in their 40s. With regards to wealth, they will share 3 tips on how you could grow your CPF savings and stretch your CPF dollars in this current financial climate. Find out how you can optimise your health […]

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Means Testing to Start for Hospital Patients

Starting from 1st January 2009, patients staying in B2 and C class wards in public hospitals will have to undergo means testing to determine the amount of subsidy they will get. This new rule will affect people (in the form of higher bills) earning more than $3200/month (or unemployed but staying in private property) and […]

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CPF Minimum Sum to Go Up

The current CPF minimum sum of $99,600 will go up to $106,000 from 1st July this year. This is the amount of CPF monies that you have to set aside before you can withdraw the rest. Upon reaching 55, the minimum sum will be moved to your retirement account, and you will start getting a […]

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