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Insane Waiting Time for Specialist Appointment

There was an article in yesterday’s Straits Times Forum that a particular patient had to wait more than a year for his specialist appointment at SGH. Upon referral from his polyclinic to see a renal specialist for a worsening blood condition, he was first given an appointment for December 2014. After many phone calls and […]

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Increase in Medisave Withdrawal Limits for Insurance Premiums

The Medisave withdrawal limits that can be used for the paying of  the premiums for Medishield or the private Medishield integrated plans will be raised for the elderly (age 66 and above) starting from 1 November 2013. The new limits are as follows: From $800 to $1,000 for those aged 66 to 75 (based on […]

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Suggestions for a Better Singapore Healthcare System

The Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Health has made several suggestions to the government to revamp our existing healthcare system. The suggestions cover the use of Medisave, Medishield and the amount of subsidies that we get. The announcement of the suggestions is a way for the government to test out the ground reaction to the […]

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Medishield Changes

Last Friday, MOH announced the confirmation of Medishield “enhancements” that they had proposed in a public consultation on Medishield changes in July 2012. The changes will take place from March 2013. Broadly, these are the changes: The Good a) Increase the coverage age from 85 to 90 years to ensure that our elderly remain insured as they live […]

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Of Medishield Changes and Public Consultation

I read with mixed feelings about the proposed changes to Medishield that were announced by MOH a couple of weeks ago. While some of the changes are positive, there will be a hefty increase in premiums. Coupled with an increase in deductibles, it means that while you will be paying more in premiums, you will […]

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