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Another MIIF Scrip Dividend Strategy

It’s that time of the year again when Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund (MIIF) pays out their dividends. About half a year ago, I wrote two lengthy articles on my approach towards the MIIF scrip dividends (or any other scrip dividend scheme for that matter). MIIF Scrip Dividend More on MIIF Scrip Dividend Fast forward six […]

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MIIF Dividend Reinvestment

This post is a continuation of my earlier discussion on the Macquaire International Infrastructure Fund scrip dividend scheme. If you haven’t read it yet, it would be better for you to do so before reading on. Even though the title of this post is about MIIF dividend reinvestment, what is discussed will be generally applicable […]

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Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund Scrip Dividend Scheme

Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund (MIIF) had previously announced that they have a scrip dividend scheme as an alternative method for investors to receive their dividends. What this means is that an investor can opt to receive shares instead of cash as dividends. The amount of shares you receive will be based on your entitled dividend […]

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