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Online Petition for Minibond and Others

Mr Tan Kian Lian has started an online petition for investors of credit linked notes (such as Minibond, High Notes or Pinnacle Notes) who felt they have been mislead into buying the product. It will serve as a means for the group to contact each other and discuss the possibility of taking collective action. He will also […]

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Minibond Series Update For Investors

Following a protest by several Hong Kong investors about how they were mislead into buying the Lehman Minibond Series, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) convened a meeting yesterday between representatives of investors who had purchased the Minibond, representatives of banks that had sold them and the trustees who are holding the collateral for the investments. […]

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Minibond Series Article in Business Times

This article on the Lehman Minibond Series appeared recently in the Business Times. Should Minibond Series 3 Have Taken the Retail Route? (Access to the article is available after 6pm) It talks about some things we have spoke about – that the Minibond is a synthetic derivative product, and how many retail investors bought into […]

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Minibonds Update

Many people have been asking why their Minibond capital is affected by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers when it is not one of the reference entities. I think a picture would explain this relationship very clearly. The layman explanation of how it works is this: You provide the capital. It is used by Minibond Limited […]

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Lehman Minibonds Trustee HSBC Has Engaged Legal Counsel

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has received queries from the public on Lehman’s Minibond and have contacted the trustee of the Minibonds, HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore). HSBC in turn has engaged legal counsel to explore all options available. Investors who have purchased the Minibonds have been adviced by MAS to contact the financial institution from […]

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