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Minibond Indicative Prices

These are the estimated valuation of the Minibonds as provided by Lehman Brothers as of last Friday, 12th September 2008 (Based on a face value of 100): Minibond Limited Indicative Prices For Reference Purposes Only Series Tranche Currency Bid* 1 A SGD 30.5   B USD 30.5 2 A SGD 44.5   B USD 44.5 […]

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What Will Happen to my Lehman Minibond?

The minibond series by Lehman Brothers had been sold in Singapore for the last couple of years and some retail investors have purchased them. In the recent uncertainty facing Lehman Brothers, many of these investors are now wondering what will happen to their Lehman Minibonds investment. First of all, recall that the Lehman Minibonds is […]

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What My Lehman Minibonds Are Exposed to

Thanks to my helpful broker, I managed to obtain a list of the underlying securities for my Lehman Minibonds series 2. The list had 138 entities(!), with ratings from AAA to B and from countries all over the world. The way the Lehman Minibonds were setup meant that I was also exposed to the credit […]

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More on Lehman Minibonds

This post is a continuation of What Happened to my Lehman Minibonds? Just to recap, the Lehman minibonds will be negatively affected when something adverse happens to either The reference entities; or The underlying securities So by right, both should be thoroughly investigated before considering any investment in this minibond. As taken from the minibond […]

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What Happened to my Lehman Minibonds?

Added: If you are a Lehman Minibond holder, you can read the latest update on your minibond at the link below: After a long weekend, I’m back again with a discussion on one of my holdings, the Lehman Minibonds. This product looks similar to a normal bond except that it is linked to the […]

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