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Updates on Structured Notes Compensation

MAS has released an announcement on the progress of the dispute resolution process so far. From the numbers, it looks like only a few of those investors who purchased the Lehman Minibond from stock brokers are getting any compensation. ABN, Hong Leong and Maybank are offering compensation to 75% of those who have filed a […]

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Minibond Receivers FAQ by PWC

The FAQ posted by PWC on the Lehman Minibond can be found here: PWC Minibond FAQ The FAQ can probably be much shorter as it has a lot of repeated sentences. Some of the key points covered are: Explaining the structures of Minibond series 1-3 and 5-10 both at the Minibond level and the underlying […]

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Minibond Updates From Hong Kong

Hong Kong lawyers question whether HSBC should have done more to protect investors from the Minibond product since they provided the directors for the company that was set up to issue the Minibonds and also served as the trustee that held the Minibond collateral. Hong Kong lawmakers slam HSBC Refutal from HSBC HSBC denies having any […]

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Estimated Minibond Values

The Association of Banks in Hong Kong have given a estimated residual value of the Minibonds that were sold in Hong Kong. The news report on this can be found here: Valuation of Minibond in Hong Kong (In Chinese) Translated into English, it reads: The Association of Banks have completed the valuation (as of last month) […]

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Minibond Victims – What Now in 2009

The Minibond Victims Group is an informal, non political group of talented and hardworking professionals who are determined to assist Minibond investors seek compensation. Over the last 2 months, the group had been working behind the scenes so that Minibond investors can organize themselves better . Come down to the free seminar ” Minibond Victims: […]

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