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Are Olam Bonds Worth Subscribing to?

I read a recent article on the Straits Times that encouraged people to subscribe for the Olam rights issue for Olam bonds with free detachable warrants. Olam bonds worth subscribing to (Straits Times) In the article, the journalist inserted a few quotes from former Morgan Stanley investment banker Michael Dee (he was also a senior Managing Director […]

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More on Olam Rights Issue

Olam’s rights issue drew an immediate response from Carson Block’s Muddy Waters. Muddy Waters Calls Temasek-backed Olam Fund-Raising a ‘Bailout’ (CNBC) Stop-Gap Bailout of Olam Validates MW’s Thesis (Muddy Waters Research) Video of Carson Block (Muddy Waters) on CNBC Olam has given the following clarification: Further to media reports regarding the process of the recently announced rights issue, […]

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Olam Rights Issue

Yesterday, Olam announced that they would be doing a rights issue. The structure of the Olam Rights issue is a bit special as it is asking shareholders to purchase Olam bonds together with call warrants. Most people would understand the term rights issue to mean the offering of new equity stake in the form of […]

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Muddy Waters Research on Olam

Yesterday, Muddy Waters finally released their research report on Olam. The 133 page Muddy Waters report can be downloaded from here: Initiating Coverage on Olam International Olam has released an announcement this morning refuting Muddy Water’s report. It’s 45 pages long and can be downloaded from here: Olam Dismisses Muddy Waters Report Findings Separately, Carson […]

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Olam Hit by Muddy Water Allegations

Olam International, a Singapore listed agriculture commodities trader, has become the latest company to be hit by research company Muddy Waters. Muddy Waters had in recent times published research reports against Chinese companies that trade in North America and had profited from its short positions. One notable case, Sino-Forest Corp eventually filing for bankruptcy protection […]

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