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NTUC DreamSaver

NTUC recently launched their DreamSaver product, a regular premium participating endowment plan with a policy term of 8 or 10 years and a limited premium paying term of 5 years. How it works is that you pay premiums for the first five years of the plan, and then you will receive a monthly cash coupon […]

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Launch of NTUC Capital Plus (CPN21)

NTUC has just launched a new tranche of Capital Plus (CPN21) with immediate effect. Capital Plus (CPN21) is a single premium short-term savings plan with guaranteed returns. This plan has tenure of 3 years, with a guaranteed maturity benefit. It also provides cover against death and total & permanent disability (TPD). CPN21 offers a guaranteed […]

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Whole Life or Term?

There has always been the ongoing debate over whether buying a whole life or term insurance plan is better. It is not possible to have a standard answer that applies to everyone as it really depends on your objectives. Not to mention the fact that products from one company might differ from that from another […]

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Living Organ Donor Transplant Benefit for NTUC Enhanced Incomeshield

NTUC Income will be making some changes to their Enhanced Incomeshield Plans commencing or renewing on 1st September 2010 and onwards. 1) Introduction of Living Organ Donor Transplant Benefit This benefit covers the insured if he donates his organs to an immediate family member. Aviva added this benefit earlier and NTUC has now followed suit. […]

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Medical Examination for Incomeshield Applicants Age 60 and Above

As part of the underwriting requirement, NTUC Income will be sending applicants aged 60 and above who apply as new applications or upgrade applications to Enhanced IncomeShield (Preferred, Advantage, Basic) for a routine medical examination. The interesting thing about this new medical examination requirement is that NTUC will be paying for it. Typically, the premiums […]

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