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Pinnacle Notes Lawsuit

The latest indicative price of Pinnacle 6 and 7 is 0.01% ($1 for every $10000) and investors in them are looking at a 99.99% capital loss very soon. Someone asked me the lawsuit for the Pinnacle Notes and I thought it would be good to post this for everyone: “I am one of the victims […]

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Pinnacle Notes Legal Action

A US law firm, Kirby McInerney, has spoken about possible legal action that can be taken in US Courts in connection with the Pinnacle Notes. Some investors have already expressed interest to join this action but the law firm needs more members to take part before they can proceed. There is no upfront fee involved […]

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Pinnacle Notes 3 Redemption Value

Based on the letter from Morgan Stanley about a week ago, each Pinnacle Notes Series 3 investor will get back US$152.51 and US99.23 (to be converted to SGD) for tranche A and B respectively. This redemption value is based on a capital of US$5000 and S$5000 for tranche A and B respectively. This works out […]

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Proposed Pinnacle Class Action

Update: Please check out the latest class action suit that involves no upfront cost: Briefing Session by Senior Lawyer Mr C Campos on Pinnacle Class Action To All Pinnacle Investors: (1) We are pleased to inform you that Conrad Campos (who has already filed a lawsuit for Minibonds investors) has agreed in principle to […]

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Credit Linked Notes Gathering

There will be another gathering this Saturday for affected victims of structured products (Minibond, DBS High Notes, Pinnacle, Jubilee) organised by Tan Kin Lian. Date of Gathering: 22nd August 2009 Place: Speaker’s Corner, Hong Lim Green Time: 5.00 pm Activities: 1. Speech by Tan Kin Lian 2. Hold placards with messages 3. Sign petition (for […]

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