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Fraudulent Withdrawals from DBS Accounts

More than $200,000 were illegally withdrawn from some DBS customers this year from ATMs located in Malaysia. Apparently, someone has managed to clone the ATM card details (including the passwords) and made the withdrawals from Malaysia using the cloned cards. Currently, there are about 200 customers affected with an average withdrawal of $1000 per account. […]

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POSB MyPlus Plan

POSB has teamed up with Aviva to offer a 5-year single premium endowment product that pays 2.25% interest every year. This is a no-frills non-participating insurance product which also provides a sum assured of 101% of single premium for death or 106% of single premium for accidental death. At the end of the 5 years, […]

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POSB Invest Equity Series 1

POSB Invest Equity Series 1 is a 4-year 11-month Structured Deposit that was recently launched by POSB. The POSB Invest Equity gives fixed payouts over the term with the potential of a bonus payout if three Singapore blue chip stocks (SGX, SIA and Keppel Corp) perform well. The fixed payouts are as follows: Year 1 : […]

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DBS Invest Choice Account

I chanced upon an advertisement for the DBS Invest Choice Account a couple of days ago. Taking a closer look at the product, I realised that it is almost the same as the POSB Invest SingGrowth Account that POSB launched back in June 2009. You can refer to the POSB Invest SingGrowth Account post for […]

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MyHome Fund Launched by POSB

POSB yesterday announced the launch of MyHome Fund, a fund that allows investors to gain exposure to Singapore bonds and equities by investing into two Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – DBS Singapore STI ETF and ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund. MyHomeFund is a mid to long term investment and there are currently two portfolios to […]

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