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Pru 3Plus Price Update

I was looking at a list of funds which had large movements over the past month and the Pru 3Plus fund caught my eye. There was a drop of almost 40% from the previous month’s valuation. In case you are not aware, the Pru 3Plus has a structure similar to structured products like Pinnacle 9. […]

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Pru 3Plus – Second Credit Event

Prudential Asset Management has announced that a second credit event had occurred for their Pru 3Plus fund.  The company in question is Kaupthing Banki HF (The first being Lehman Brothers). You can read a copy of Prudential’s announcement dated 30 October 2008 here: Notice of 2nd Credit Event – Kaupthing Banki HF

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PRU 3Plus Pricing Error

As an example of how difficult it is to value complex structured products under current market conditions, we can look at one particular incident. Prudential recently announced that they made a mistake for the September pricing of their PRU 3Plus fund. This is a fund with credit exposure to 80-200 reference entities via derivative transactions. […]

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