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Sino-Environment Applies For Judicial Management

The latest news about Sino-Environment is that Sam Chong Keen has stepped down as CEO and the company has on 11 May 2010 made an application in the High Court of the Republic of Singapore (the “Court”) to place the Company under judicial management. Looks like the restructuring is not going to happen. This is […]

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Sino Environment News

Sino Environment Technology is a S-Chip whose trading has been suspended since September this year. I seldom write about Singapore listed China stocks as I don’t have any personal interest in them. The Confession of a S-Chip CEO email that I read the other day rekindled my interest in this topic so I thought I […]

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Confession of an S-chip CEO

This email first circulated around in April this year but I only managed to read the whole version today. It was very intriguing and I couldn’t stop reading once I got started. It claimed to come from a (ex) S-chip CEO. However, I couldn’t really verify the authenticity of the source. The writer himself mentioned […]

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