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First Ever Singapore Government 30-yr Bonds

Yesterday, the Singapore government sold S$2.1 billion of its first ever 30-year Singapore Government Securities (SGS) bonds. Previously, the longest-dated bond sold was only of 20-year maturity. The bond had a coupon rate of 2.75% per year and were trading at a yield of around 2.84% per annum on the secondary market after they were […]

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Market Makers for Singapore Government Bonds

According to SGX, investors can expect transparency in price discovery and competitive trading costs of Singapore government bonds (SGS bonds) when they start trading on SGX from 8 July 2011. Market makers will be available to increase liquidity and make it easier for individual investors to buy and sell SGS bonds. Without these market makers, […]

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Listing of Singapore Government Bonds on SGX

SGX has selected nineteen Singapore Government Securities (SGS) (more commonly known as Singapore Government Bonds) to be listed on SGX from 8th July 2011. The maturities of these bonds will be least two years with the furthest maturity at 1st Sep 2030. The minimum investment in a Singapore government bond is $1,000. The coupon payments […]

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Singapore Government Securities Application Via Atm

In the past, investing in Singapore Government Securities (SGS), otherwise known as Singapore Government Bonds or T-bills, require either a trip to a local bank for buying new issues, or transacting through a secondary dealer (eg a stock broker) for buying or selling of Government Bonds that were already in the market. SGS are the safest […]

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