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The Penny Stocks Debacle in Singapore

What do stocks like Blumont, Asiasons, LionGold have in common? The recent collapse of prices in some penny stocks in Singapore has led to many questions being raised about our Singapore stock market and the role of SGX as a market regulator. There has been discontentment not only among investors who lost money, but also […]

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Careless Mistake with SGX Order Types

As you might know, SGX  recently launched a GTM (Good Till Maximum) order type that allows your order to stay in the SGX system for an extended duration of time, instead of being purged at the end of the day. I have already been using this new long-dated order type since last month. Yesterday, I was a […]

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Proposal to Reduce Shares Lot Size

Singapore Exchange (SGX) is finally going to reduce the standard board lot size. Currently in the Singapore market, most shares are traded in lots of 1000 shares. This is as a result of a legacy from the past, when physical share scripts are delivered whenever you buy shares. Stipulating a minimum reduces the cost of […]

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SGX Launches Long Dated Orders for Securities

The long dated orders feature that was previously announced by SGX has finally been implemented a few days ago. These long dated orders will allow investors to retain buy or sell orders for longer than one day. Investors can specify the number of days they want their orders to stay active up to a maximum […]

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New Rules on Poll Voting and General Meetings in Singapore

SGX has finally decided to make it compulsory for listed companies to hold their general meetings in Singapore. In addition, the voting by show of hands method will be replaced by the voting by poll method. These are positive changes that many investors have been requesting SGX to adopt for a very long time. (i) […]

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