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SGX Proposes Circuit Breakers for Securities Market

Singapore Exchange (SGX) is consulting the public on proposed circuit breakers for the securities market. Circuit breakers seek to address sharp price movements in a traded instrument within a short period and give the market time to take stock of the situation. In this manner, circuit breakers serve as a safeguard against disorderly trading. Circuit […]

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Of Zero Earnings and Perpetual Losses

The other day, I heard someone say this: “My company has not been making money. It is just breaking even every year.” Fair enough statement. However, the person went on to say that whenever there is a profit, all of it will be paid to him as director fees. Thus, the company will never show […]

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Good Till Orders on SGX

SGX wiil be introducing two new long dated orders, Good Till Date(GTD) and Good Till Maximum(GTM). These features when selected will allow investors’ orders to remain in the order book until they are fully filled, specifically cancelled or when the instrument is de-listed or expired. The long dated orders are valid for an extended number […]

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SGX Public Consultation on New FX Futures Contracts

Singapore Exchange (SGX) is adding Asian foreign exchange (FX) futures to its derivatives market in the third quarter of 2013, subject to regulatory approval. The introduction of FX futures for trading and clearing is SGX’s response to strong client demand for currency management tools to complement its suite of highly liquid Asian equity derivatives. The proposed […]

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Short Selling Orders Summary Page

The marking of short selling trades on SGX started this week and each day’s short selling activity can be found on the SGX website here: Marking of Sell Orders Summary I was quite surprised to see so much short selling activity. On 11 March 2013, more than S$200 million worth of sell trades are shorting […]

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