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Stoic Capital Busted

Typically, when a ponzi scam decides to “close shop”, they will come up with a “legitimate sounding” excuse to do so. They will have something to blame for their closure. Common ones include:  Investigation by authorities Hackers Too much accusation of them being a scam online leading to loss of reputation Problem with third party […]

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Stoic Capital Scam Chat Transcript

A few months ago, I wrote a post warning people about an obvious Ponzi scheme – Stoic Capital.. The post generated numerous comments. From the comments, we can see that there are still people who are taken in by Stoic. Therefore, I decided to talk with Stoic’s chat operator and see whether they can stand […]

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Stoic Capital Scam

Someone tried to post a comment on my blog about an investment opportunity with Stoic Capital. My intial response was to delete the comment but decided in the end to post it here for learning purposes. According to the FAQ on the website, the Stoic invests its assets in ordinary shares, monetary market instruments (treasury bills, […]

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