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Sunshine Empire Trio Sentenced

The masterminds of the ponzi scam Sunshine Empire were sentenced last week. James Phang, the mastermind of the Sunshine scheme, received the heaviest sentence with a 9-year jail sentence and $60,000 fine. Phang’s 46-year-old wife, Neo Kuon Huay was also fined $60,000 while their other partner, Jackie Hoo Choon Cheat was sentenced to seven years’ […]

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Sunshine Empire Verdict

THE founder of Sunshine Empire, James Phang Wah, his wife Neo Kuon Huay and Sunshine director Jackie Hoo Choon Cheat were found guilty by the court for their roles in running a fraudulent ponzi scam. The three of them will be sentenced on 30th July 2010. Some 20,000 people bought into their lifestyle packages which promised […]

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Sunshine Empire

The trial of Sunshine Empire founders James Phang Wah, his wife Neo Kuon Huay, and ex-director Jackie Hoo Choon Cheat is currently underway as they are charged by the public prosecutor of running a Ponzi scheme. Within a period of just 15 months, Sunshine Empire managed to raise $180 million from investors enticed by the […]

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