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US Home Foreclosures at Record High

Foreclosure filings in the U.S. climbed to a record for the third time in five months in July. July’s foreclosure filings rose 32 percent from a year earlier and 6.7 percent from June. A total of 360,149 properties received a default or auction notice or were seized last month. Recall that the earlier instances of […]

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Ben Bernanke Grilled at Capital Hil

Here are some comments by Ben Bernanke on the current economic situation. The economy is showing tentative signs of stabilisation. A levelling out of economic activity is the first step toward recovery. However, he cautioned that we will not have a sustainable recovery without a stabilisation of our financial system and credit markets. Mounting unemployment, […]

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Ron Paul Grills Bernanke on Inflation

I had a good chuckle as I watched Ron Paul asks Ben Bernanke questions pertaining to the devaluation of the dollar and trying to expose the ugly truth behind inflation. On both accounts, Ben evades answering the question. Note that the sessions were recorded quite a few months ago. Here’s the first video: And here’s […]

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