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Do General Insurance Companies Really Lose Money?

I am sure all of us frequently read in the newspapers about motor insurance premiums having to go up because of ever increasing claims. And how insurance companies are making losses from their motor insurance portfolio. Have you ever wondered why so many of them are still around despite (supposedly) making losses year after year? […]

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Charlie Munger’s Parable of Basicland

Charlie Munger is the vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation and long time partner of Warren Buffett. Usually, Charlie doesn’t say much in public but there are times he does. A couple of days ago, he wrote a parable about how a nation called Basicland went from riches to ruins. He relates our financial markets as […]

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On the Brink – Henry Paulson

On the Brink is a book written by former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. It gives an insider account of the events that unfolded in the biggest financial crisis that took place since the Great Depression. On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System During the crisis, major institutions […]

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Timeless Warren Buffett Quotations

These are quotations made by Warren Buffett in the past which turned out to be correct and will probably hold true in the future. It is the nature of capitalism to periodically have recessions. People overshoot. We’ve got a wonderful economy… There’s never been anything like that in the history of the world. We live […]

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Warren Buffett and Bill Gates – Keeping America Great

Last week, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were at the Columbia Business School at a special CNBC event to answer questions from their students. The areas covered: Capitalism How greed and fear contributed to last year’s crisis Goldman Sachs Appropriate role of government The industry that will produce the next Bill Gates Buffett’s railroad exposure […]

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