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Warren Buffett Letter to Shareholders for 2008

Over the last weekend, Warren Buffett released his annual letter to shareholders. Unlike most other chairmans, Warren Buffett’s letters are written in a candid and informal manner. Copies of all his previous letters can be found here. You will also realise that just like the man himself, the website is designed without any bells and […]

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Contrarian Investing

The term “Contrarian Investing” might be familiar to all value investors. This term is not to be confused with the terms “contra” or “contra trading”, which refers to the buying and selling of shares within a few days (and without putting up any cash) in order to make a quick profit. A contrarian investor is […]

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Warren Buffett Talks About the Current Financial Crisis

Warren Buffett was recently interviewed by Charlie Rose on the current financial crisis. He mentioned that he has never seen (in his adult lifetime) such an amount of fear existing in the market as there is right now. In this interview, Warren Buffett also shares his views on: The bailout by the US government and […]

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Warren Buffett Interview at Omaha

Recently, Warren Buffett did an interview with CNBC’s Becky Quick. There’s one statement he made that I think we should always bear in mind when it comes to investing. BUFFETT: I mean, if you’ve got a great deal in this country, you don’t have to go to Beijing, you know, or the Middle East to […]

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Warren Buffett IMD Interview Update

I took some time to update the transcript of the Warren Buffett interview at IMD that I had compiled earlier. Previously, it probably contained about 60% of the actual interview. Now, it’s almost 95%. You can read it again on the same page: Warren Buffett Interview at IMD

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