The Gold Label

The Gold Label is another company in Malaysia that operates with a similar model to Genneva Gold. They sell you gold at a discount to the listed price and offer a guaranteed buyback at the listed price after the end of a specified period of time.

I don’t have the exact details of the terms but I would caution anyone from joining such “guaranteed buyback”  schemes. I will post more details of the Gold Label scheme once I have it.

My earlier post on Genneva Gold has already attracted close to 500 comments; you can refer to it to read some of the arguments for and against such schemes. Some of these comments would be applicable to The Gold Label as well.


  1. says

    How true that some agent took their life as to some of the reply, if it is then may I ask from which Division it is from n under who is he/she? If it is true then I believe it is a tragic, if not, I believe it is not nice to make such statement to gain viewer or sympathy, worst of all to tarnish others for the sake of creating hatred or dillusion to the Internet user who come across the statement.
    Thank you

  2. Kena Con? says

    Anyone know what’s happening to The Gold Label case? I hear from third parties that some sort of court case is taking place. I did receive an email about this sometime back but no one has ever replied to my correspondence with them.

    My gold bar is supposed to be in Singapore, so I asked if I could collect it personally. There has been no reply from anyone.

    While I still have high hopes to see my gold bar back, I am pretty doubtful, especially when no one from TGL wants to provide any update, nor contact me.

    Anyone else in the same boat with me?

    • Magnum PI says

      theres no case at all, theres no charge what so ever. the company directors move on with their lives and their millions.

      • Kena Kon? says

        It is really disappointing. First they say buy the Gold Bar and get some returns. Yes, I did get some initial returns. Then they say send the Gold Bar to Singapore and leave it there for 6 months to get double returns. And then POOOOF, it’s game over.

        Now, they never even bother to keep us updated.

        Conclusion? Kiss the Gold Bar goodbye.

        • Forseum says

          this is exactly the trick done by Tig Net con group, they solicit back the gold without buying back and walla!

          As what i can see this trade is only legitamate if its gold in your possesion always, not them the company keeping on your behalf what so ever.

  3. Z says

    May I know what happen to the person who comment that he went to his downline funeral never replied? Is it true to what u said? U can assure I am not any of the monkey director or neither one of their spy? If it is true to what u said, I believe u shld do justice to yr downline by just speaking up by giving hint which div n under who is yr immediate mgr. Guess there is no secret that someone is trying to liquided the co. As for yr side, I believe u better do yr h/w.

  4. LOVELY says


    • Kena Kon? says

      Exactly. We just want either our money or gold bar back. We are not interested in any other sob stories or tall tales.

      Sue How did send ma an email but never responded to any of my enquiries.

      She said that my gold bar is in Singapore and they are trying to bring it back in stages.

      I want to know if I can go to Singapore and collect it myself and save them all the hassles and close the matter once and for all.

      But there is no reply.

      So, if anyone in here is in touch with Sue How, please get her to respond without beating around the bush.

  5. client says

    As i know… TGL still fighting court case… we cannot directly go to Singapore collect our gold bar because need a letter from TGL…. now waiting TGL settle court case & release the code.. so that TGL can issue letter to us & we can collect our gold bar but the problem is we not sure this court case can win or not? & also not sure how long…. answer is just wait & wait… i also don know need a letter… may be is agent mistake… may be also TGL didn’t mention to agent or client… but no any confirm final answer to client said that cannot get back the gold bar…

  6. LOVELY says


    • Kena Kon? says

      Dear Lovely,

      I am one of the many unfortunate victims of TGL. I bought a gold bar through an old friend who was a TGL agent. It was actually out of sheer pity that I bought that bar. He was suffering from an illness and looked very ill, so I thought the best I could do was to buy a Gold Bar from him and at least he could earn something to pay for his medical bills.

      As time went by, his health got worse and coincidentally, BNM raided TGL and he promised to do all he could to return my investment.

      Alas, he succumbed to his bad health and passed away in April 2011.

      I have been running left, right and centre but do not know what ever happened, apart from one letter and two e-mails from How Soo Feng with some information about some pending court case. I sent some enquiries back but it went unanswered.

      So, that is the status till now. No news, no nothing.

      I am sure I am not the only one affected.

      So, how can all those involved get together for a closure of this case?

  7. LOVELY says


    • Kena Kon? says

      Dear Lovely,

      That’s not the end of my story. My late agent also got his wife and mother involved with over RM 200,000 gone in smoke.

      Exactly one day before he died, he sent me an SMS asking me to forward my bank details because TGL is going to pay something.

      The next day, he died . I checked with his wife from time to time but she is equally lost.

  8. Lee Mei May says

    Dear Kena Kon & Lovely,

    Can you not see the parallel between the goldcos TGL and Genneva Sd. Bhd.

    * One uses the term “GSS” while the other uses “Park in”;
    * Both collected payments in full from the customers/buyers;
    * Both schemes are not fully backed by the gold they “sold”
    * One has mystical amounts in “Cisco” while the other has 5 Kg which may not
    be “park in” gold but may be gold from the customer who had purchased but not
    collected the gold;
    * In both the “director” are still merrily doing business and could care 2 hoots
    about those affected;
    * One is running Grandtag and the other Genneva Malaysia Sdn. Bhd;
    * As Malaysia’s longest serving PM, who incidently also launched the Shariah
    Compliant platform of GMSB , said “Malaysian cepat lupa” (sorry, corrected to
    avoid racial connotations);
    * Don’t know how long the “GSS” depositors going to wait but in 3 days time is the
    2nd anniversay of 21st July 2009 when BNM raided Genneva Sdn Bhd and
    ended the dreams of the get rich quick depositors (4.5% per month oh)
    Happy gold buying but please avoid scam. If it is too good to be true – it probably is

    • Kena Kon? says

      Lee Mei May,

      I knew it was too good to be true, and I’ve been had. But what ever happened to the Gold bars? They were serialised and traceable. So, who’s keeping these bars?

      Secondly, what is the outcome of the investigations? And why are depositors like me not called to testify during investigations?

      Thirdly, how could TGL operate in the first place if it was not legitimate? Did Bank Negara not know about it or are they working hand in glove?

  9. Lee Mei May says

    Dear Kena Kon?,

    1. PAMP Gold bar with serial number
    Were you given the Certificate of origin with the serial number on it? If not, then one gold bar may be shared by many and for all we know, they may only be a couple of bars in total.

    2. Outcome of the investigations.
    Bank Negara Malaysia raid on TGL was to investigate 2 issues
    2.1 Money laundering under the Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA);
    2.2 Deposit taking under the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA)
    calling any interested party to be interviewed is at the discretion of BNM and the issues being investigated is only between TGL & BNM.
    If the Company/Directors have acted in violation of the above mentioned AMLA & BAFIA, then as in the case of Genneva Sdn. Bhd. the Companys and/or its directors will be charged in court.

    3. Legitimacy of TGL
    TGL is merely conducting its business of trading in gold, which is a legitimate business carried out as by any goldsmith shop or gold wholesaler and as BNM said very clearly, this business does not require BNM approval and is only under the perview of The Registrar of Companies, now called Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM. BNM only came in due to suspicion that TGL had breached the above mentioned BAFIA and/or AMLA which provisions are policed by BNM. Of course, this does not prevent BNM being “invited in toe investigate” should the goldco be in a position where they find that they may not be able to meet their obligations.
    Hope this clears.

    • Kena Kon? says

      Dear Lee Mei May,

      Thank you for the explanation but I am still a bit blur about the whole situation. Is there any way for TGL or whomever to refund or return the gold bar back to investors? I don’t mind forgoing the interest accrued, but only want to get back either the gold bar or at least some cash back. They can keep any profit accrued.

      It is not fair that I lose everything log ,stock and barrel.

      Surely there is a recourse, as I know some investors have got their money back.

  10. magnum PI says

    There seems to be goldcos starting to comprimise on the agents commission and clients returns, be cautious as it may signal some financial troubles.

  11. Nathan Kadair says

    The bosses of goldcos only owns the company,they don’t own your clients . You as agents don’t own the company but you own your clients. So work smart.

  12. Serene Sia says

    Agents who are too gung ho with the company is fool, they can gung ho for the company but will the company gung ho for them?

  13. Lee Mei May says

    Dear Serene,

    Agents/consultants are not “gung hoo” for their company. All they care for is their commission and to hell with everything else, including ethics and customers who had placed their faith in these greedy “addicts” (addicted to the commission for their lifestyle). Events are unfolding very fast and with one big goldco, commission is still not paid yet, hibah delayed and promotions galore. What does it tell you?

  14. In distress says

    I was one of the victim as well.. if anyone know how we can get back our capital, pls do let us know. thanks.

  15. says

    my agent told me that it is uncertain whther THERE IS ANY gold bar inside the GSS. she told me that te directors are pushing them to sell land banking. and bank negara would keep freezing the account until they are guilty as proven. so how ?

    • Lee Mei May says

      Remember, PDRM was supposed to be tail gating very closely to another goldco which which had customers “Parked In” more than RM67 million and which have metamorphesized into another goldco having sales in excess of of RM1 billion.
      People do not learn from history especially when there are Con Sultans putting the RINGGIT sign right in front of their eyes that they cannot see the slippery path they are getting into. Well, what if the goldco only have “samples” of gold for GSS customers. How to return your gold? Just like Genneva Sdn. Bhd., where there is no gold for the money parked in. Right from the time of the Co-operative scams to now, it is happening right in front of our eyes but we only see the RINGGIT sign blanking us from seeing the risks we are taking. The next one on the card will be the “MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS” and this space and the other thread on goldco will be filled with tears and wailing. So, please beware as the operators of the goldco is the same one who had customers “parked- in” more that RM67 million and got raided on 21/7/2009. All the authorities only want to use us as leverage to extract their “pound of flesh”. Malaysian “cepat lupa”

  16. joshua says

    landbanking? naive – who tell u? my frd’s uncle from AIA told me they r fr dont know TSI or A2A. At UOB. Issit true? they stop gold & push for landbanking in this company?
    why no one try to do justice? what can the victims do?

    • Nathan Kadair says

      After cheating people on gold now cheat on land. Can someone do some justice? Well, no one seems to care,even the victims.

    • naive says

      yes, she told me that the marcus is pushing them to sell landbanking to those who got scammed. and now she n d other consultants r trying to figure a way to pay us back even tho the amount is huge. i heard that james n sue seems to be in debt, not sure how true is that. the total amount of debt that my consultant is holding is in 7 digiits. how come such irresponsible company is not beintg taken to justice ? she said actually bnm should hav released the money cos they cant find any evidence of money laundering.

      • client of tgl says

        So Naive~~~~ BNM released or not? How long they will finalize it? Did you ask your consultant… my consultant is better, she holding 6 digits… but she cannot do any sales/ product in marketing… lost the trust from client…. until settle all debt…. we are in sabah area… we cant see the company… contact them also no reply & no reason to us… Juz encourage we invest again for land… at least we have some title in hand but the project around 7-10 years… my consultant said that too long… cannot be trust again becoz A2A is new company in malaysia. The investment for land need through Hong Kong land company… i have check it… i have some relative at Canada & Hong Kong… they cant find the company at Hong Kong. As a client, honest to advise all existing client, don invest any money again to this kind of company, expecially is same director or same teams. Now we just can wait & wait & wait again… I prepare to sue all consultant especially is manager level (upline).

        • Victim says

          I am from Sabah too. Got money stuck there too. What is your telephone ? We can share the latest news.

  17. magnum PI says

    Dear naive & in distress,
    there no need to hope for any park in or gss, we do know very well its a a goner,probably for good.

  18. Wylan Goh says

    Should theres any goldcos that comprimise on the consultants/associates commisions, please be cautious. Switch company if you have to, there are other companies in better standing and integrity, be it new or old. Just do your homework first. And i m not refering to the one in kuchai lama.

    • Dari Sekinchan says

      Now the so called largest goldco is forever peeling the skin out of their consultants and now probably one of the two goldco in old klang rd is doing the same. One is starting to peel their consultants’ skin and the other capitalizing on the situation and take the advantage to poach the consultants/associates. I am for seeing the consultants/associates are in the lookout on alternatives.

      Like what Nathan Kadair said, work smart.

    • Kena Kon? says

      After my horrible experience with The Gold Label, my advice to those who want to buy or invest in Gold is to go to the gold smith or an accredited bank such as Public Bank, UOB or any other real banks.

      Fly by night operators just want to take your money by promising good returns.

      Stay away from these sweet talkers.

      • Dari Sekinchan says

        I think u are refering to the GSS sheme by TGL, TGL actually meaning to scam their clients with the Singapore park-in scheme but those who collect the gold lose nothing even the company gone. The moral we learn is, the scheme is good only the gold is with u at all time. Do not serender gold to recalls that they posses your gold more than 3 days. Should any company trying to scam by recall they must take more than a week to at least recall the substantial amount to take off.

  19. says

    Dear all,

    We’re currently looking for 3kg of 999.9 gold bars offer slightly above bank price. Anyone interested please contact us at (65) 9781-8351.

    Warmest Regards,
    Billy Chiam

    • Ahmad Hafeez Abu Bakar says

      Dear Billy Chiam, if you are interested in buying PAMP Suisse gold bar, you can call me at +60192382692. FYI, i’m an authorised reseller for PAMP Suisse Malaysia with a valid bullion licence. Thank you.

  20. Bino says

    Pls beware of the investment company called A2A Capital. There were the same idiots who plot The Gold Label with a Singapore Cisco park-in scheme.

    • LolCat says

      Oh just looked it up.

      Under that subsection it means they will seize the assets without prosecution, (i wonder if they had an under table deal with somebody to get that)

      I also read in a related section that apparently any parties that have an “interest” in the assets seized can go and do so, provided you have a legal reason to and not involved in the reason that the assets are being seized for..

      I’ve forgotten the link to the AMLAFTA document.. i’ll repost when I find it.

  21. lilim says

    the company was legal and could continue to pay if bnm did not raid them….thanx to the person who reports the business….once raid hard to do bsuiness..and the client have to bear the cost

    • Kena Kon? says

      Sunny Lim,

      This is the same question I have been asking. The answer is no way. We have been tricked into buying gold through The Gold Label. When you buy a gold bar, they allow you to keep it for a while. Chances are it belongs to someone else. Then they collect it from you, saying it needs to be shown to Bank Negara but they sell it to another buyer. It goes on and on. One Gold Bar is sold to many others without your knowledge.

      Don’t bother asking because all you get is bull shit from your agent. Just kiss your gold good buy. The Gold Label is supposed to be under investigation and this will take another twenty years to conclude. By that time you will forget about it anyway.

      • Sunny Lim says

        my agent says they are in process of getting/filing back their gold, and have appointed their lawyer and I’m waiting for them to start such. I don’t think they can get away just like that as there are many investors involved in this scheme. Some prominent politicians and datuks also. Won’t they want their hard earns money back?? I just wanted my initial investment back, I don’t care the interest, just return back the basic. We all should stick together for our common goal. I will share more info when i get any for u guys.

        • Kena Kon? says

          You are right. Everyone wants their money back. They can keep whatever interest there is. All we want is our gold or money back.

          Can we form a group of affected people and act in concert? I don’t mind joining this group.

          Unfortunately, my agent died last year and since then, I have not been able to get any information at all, apart from comments in this forum.

          Surely there are some lawyers who got conned too. Can we appoint these lawyers to act on behalf of those affected?

          I won’t mind paying 10% of my gold value as part of the fee for recovering my investment.

          Any comments?

    • kenaconned says

      hi guys,

      heard the people who started TGL are the ones running A2A landbanking now. If they aren’t, the people running A2A landbanking will know where the 2 persons, Sue and James Iseli are.

      A2A office in KL.

  22. Sunny Lim says

    then i will keep u informed as best as i can in this forum. For now, I just heard that my agent is engaging lawyers for the recovery of our gold, so we see how it goes. Will be updating info when I do get any. We can just hope for the best for our returns of investment.

  23. Kena Kon? says

    Thank you, good samaritan.

    Do keep us updated. By the way, I was called by Bank Negara to appear before an officer sometime in October, but I was out of town and told him so. It was something to do with BAFIA or something like that. My name appeared on one of the Gold Label documents and I was picked at random.

    I called the officer for another appointment but was told to hold on. That was the last I heard about the issue.

    Hopefully your lawyers could get to the bottom of this.

    • LolCat says

      From what I understand of what/how they are being charged now, BNM is currently filing for civil forfeiture without prosecution. In such cases, the court will also set a date for 3rd parties to make claims on the assets before being forfeited. Perhaps you were contacted for such a reason?

      • Kena Kon? says

        Honestly, I really do not know why I was called . But I was prepared to see the officer and offer my side of the predicament.

        All I want is my money back. I paid nearly RM 14,000 for a gold bar which I got to see for a few months and made the greatest mistake of agreeing to send it to Singapore for better returns.

        So, it was a Fool’s Gold story, was it not?

        • Lee Mei May says

          Dear Kena Kon,

          Maybe the manager who persuaded you to get into the GSS have already “migrated” to the chameleon goldco and is among the Con-Sultans who are using their experience to bring more customers to buy from the goldco. They have no responsibility to their clients. Only the commission matters

          • Kena Kon? says

            Dear Mei May,

            My case is rather different. I thought I was helping an ailing person. My agent was an old friend who was probably suckered by someone else due to his ailments. I just bought a gold bar through him with a hope that he could get some commission to help him with his medical bills. Besides, I thought he was trustworthy enough and let him handle what he thought was best.

            Then he died. And I did not know where to go . I talked to his wife who said she is also in a limbo, as she invested RM 200,000 with her mother. In between sobs, she hoped some good samaritan could help. So, that made my RM 14,000 look like peanuts.

            So the fundamental question here is : Who took the Gold and where is it now? Surely it could be traced trrough the serial numbers, right? And that serial number will indicate who paid for it.

            If The people at TGL are not con-men, then they should at least return the gold bars to the purchasers.

          • LolCat says

            I’ve got some information (which I think people already know).

            One of the directors from TGL used to be from Walton’s International (the guy and a bunch ppl left Walton’s and taking along their customers, which is why now there is a lawsuit with Walton.. google search and you shall find it)

            They opened up Sovereign Wealth Management.. and then after that they started into The Gold Label thing. Now they are running grandtag a2a.

  24. Client & Agent says

    As i know the director of A2A land banking not Sue & James Iseli but is some one is very close with them… What i heard that is they asking this friend offer special price for all existing GSS client to invest the land, they will inform client this land banking investment take around 2 – 4 years (short term) & 4 – 7 years (long tems). But when i get the information (current project for GSS client)… agent or upline will said that like this 2-4 years or 4-7 years…. but i called to A2A office ask the staff… is close with me oso… she/ he tell me all current project for GSS client is take around 7-10 years… short term that one is sold out already… they wont give the short term for GSS client… then i didnt add the 30% for A2A… juz waiting others client arrange with their own lawyer, see that how to settle it… So temporary is no others update information.

  25. vengeance says

    How wicked are these ppl..They drag u into a shit hole and then want to drag a futher hole for you to step into hell. If anybody wants the details all of the directors, e.g. nric contact no and address, please let me know as i have all d details in my hand and im not hesitate to give it out since they are pushing it tooo far. i have their relative number too if you want so u can harass their relative n embarass them

  26. Sunny Lim says

    How about if all of us engage a lawyer and work out some terms of compensation to the lawyer eg, if they can retrieve any monies, we pay them percentage of the sum retrieved? I’m sure some lawyers will be much interested in this. They gain if they win, lose nothing. But some one has to volunteer to be administrator for this.

    • Clients & Agents says

      So any documents you want? I agree with your idea…. we ask lawyer to help us settle… I’m come from Sabah…. is it lawyer from KL there? Anybody agree with Sunny Lim?

  27. Lee Mei May says

    Dear Kena Kon,

    To the best of my knowledge, TGL GSS is comparable to Genneva Sdn. Bhd. “Park-in” Scheme. There is no gold to match the purchasers. Maybe, one or 2 pieces for show, if the customer insists on paying the fee, then they will be shown the “sample” pieces. It is deposit taking, pure and simple. At the end of the day, the customers are the losers and the palm grease has its wonderful effect.

  28. mei says

    I’ve just called up Bank Negara. There is another High Court hearing set for 13/2/2012 on AMLA issue. Please include me if anyone is taking any legal action against TGL.


  29. Sani says

    I agree with Mei. There is a court hearing for those who wants their money back can file for claims. My agent (former gold label) will be engaging lawyer to file our claims back. Do try to get your money back! good luck and hope they pay all back at least get back your deposits.

  30. Lee Mei May says

    Dear All,

    I do sympathise with all of you, some of whom have put in hard earned savings, in the hope of getting returns better than the pittance given by the banks., and my hopes are with you all in your quest to get back at least the money that you have put into the scheme.
    With the fall of TGL, quite a number of the agents have migrated to Genneva, then known as Samudra, and the latest “Dragon Promotion at 3% monthly Hibah” brought in bookings of around 3.5 tons (3,500 Kg) of gold after the goldco had suffered more than 2 straight months of losses which may ring up to more than MYR100 million.
    1. With the customers’ payments going into the “Trust Fund” and the spin by the goldco that this money “will not be taken out until the gold sold is delivered to the customer” how are they going to finance the purchase of the gold, even assuming that their propaganda of purchasing the gold in batches of 400 kg amounting to around MYR67 million per order in the spot market?
    2. If the goldco place an order everyday, it will take 9 working days to complete the 3,500 kg booked by the customers, the goldco need around MYR600 million to fund the 2 weeks purchasing schedule. Only way is to dip into the “Trust Fund”
    3. The gold had not mention any delivery date for the gold, but it is expected that it will take a month. Within this period, a lot of things can happen. Sunshine holidays, Orchestrated raid by the authorities et el. So customers beware.
    4. The goldco spin is that they are busy with Putrajaya to obtain approval to buy and import the gold bullion from Hong Kong. The Unified Customs Tariff Code have the following classification:
    UTC No. : 7108 200.000
    Description : Gold Bullion
    Sales Tax : Nil
    Import duty : Nil
    Import Approval : Nil
    Export approval : Nil
    The fund remittance is under BNM KPW, so why the need to go to Putrajaya? Is it to deceive the unknowing? The Deputy Finance Minister did not come for the openning of the new office, because he was instructed by the Finance Minister and the stand-in couldn’t even speak proper English and hadn’t got a clue as to what the business in all about.
    Hope that a mega repeat of the TGL happening is not about to unfold. Keep your fingers crossed and pray hard. In the meantime, happy gold buying from bonafide and trust worthy sources..

  31. Kena Con? says

    At the court house on February 13, 2012, it was a bit confusing. The Judge wanted the Plaintiff and Defendant to settle the issue of the Gold Label case out of court.

    However, it was decided to hear the case again on March 12, 2012.

    Outside the court room, about 30 or so hopeful ‘investors’ registered their details with Bank Negara officials.

    Can anyone else shed some light on this? I came in at the tail end and cannot fully comprehend what happened.

  32. eager says

    Hi Kena Con,
    What was the verdict ? i was one of the 30 claimants as well..Im confused of the outcome but i do know that the hearing is on march 13 ..

  33. mei says

    I saw in BNM’s website that the hearing date is 15.3.2012 (9am) at Criminal Court 3 at High Court.Which is the correct one?
    For those already have a lawyer for the 3rd party claim, can you please refer me the name of the lawyer and contact no. so that I can do mine as well?
    Much appreciated :)

  34. Unlucky Client says

    So is it need submit our investment form, so that we can claim back… If we didnt submit to any lawyer, means we cannot claim back? BNM not yet release TGL account?

  35. Unlucky Client says

    I also want the name & contact number of the lawyer…. I’m at Sabah, so we can’t get any update information… our agent or whole team is game over… Nobody to help us follow up & the office at KK site also totally change to A2A… they will not accept any issue about the gold (TGL), & just said that we also don’t know, HQ didn’t feedback any information… now we just provide services for A2A’s Customer….. All manager or leader just leave it like this….

    • Kena Con? says

      From picking up bits and pieces, it seems that Bank Negara has confiscated about 10 million Ringgit worth of gold and cash from The Gold Label. Bank Negara intends to return it to the rightful investors. To do this, investors must show proof of purchase.

      The Gold Label, however is trying to collect that 10 million back from Bank Negara.

      There is some gazette issue over third party that needs to be addressed before the court can hear out this case.

      All affected investors have been advised to come personally to the court for the next mention date to prove that they have been duped.

      As I said earlier, this is just some of the bits and pieces I gathered, since no body wants to give me a straight answer.

      Personally, I think all affected investors should turn up in full force in front of the Judge on the next hearing. And be there at Mahkamah Jenayah 3 on the 5th floor at 9 am sharp. However we need to find out the actual date. Is it March 12, 13 or 15?

      Can anyone verify the date? Thanks.

  36. blurrr says

    why is it under criminal high court ? will the directors be sued in court or is it to release our money ?

  37. Sani Lim says

    U can try contact my TGL agent Zac. She has arranged a lawyer for us to file our claims to get back our investment through Bank Negara. She going to meet the Bank Negara officers today to get more info. For privacy purposes, I can’t put her contact on the website but u can get her contact through emailing me, [email protected]. Tat’s all that I can do to help those in the same boat as me.

  38. how says

    so kena con do we need to go for the trial next month ? what is the charges on the gold label ? will the director be sued in court ?

    • Kena Con? says

      Dear How,

      I am in the same boat with you, Sani Lim and many others that have been left in the lurch. I was fortunate enough to receive an anonymous SMS to appear in court last Monday.

      Honestly, it was impossible for a layman to understand what transpired in court.

      When the Gold Label case was announced, many people were still entering the court and looking for seats. There were two sides of black robed representatives.

      One was Stanley Augustin or the other way around and the other was BNM lawyer ( could not get his name).
      The judge asked if the case could be settled amicably by both parties. Then there was some mumblings from both lawyers. The judge then shrugged and set the date, if I heard right was March 12, 2012.

      If any of you were there, could you clarify or shed some light on what I missed out?


  39. Kena Con? says

    Has any one found out the date for the next TGL court hearing? From the Bank Negara website, it indicates March 15, 2012. But I could have sworn I heard March 12.

    As such, I will go on both dates, just in case there’s some error somewhere. Too valuable to be missed!

  40. susah says

    Kena Con,
    How to file in my claim ? Can you enlighten me as I am from Sabah and nobody seems to know what is happening. We are in the dark. The Managers have gone over the A2A selling Canada land to hedge the clients loss in TGL. But I told them no more money as my retirement money are now stuck in TGL.
    Any lawyer who can represent me to claim back my money.
    Contact my email if any good Samaritan out there. My email is [email protected]

  41. Unlucky Client says

    Kena Con, the next court hearing for TGL is 15th March 2012, Criminal High Court 3, Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur at 9.00am… Information from Bank Negara…
    Susah, me also from Sabah site… now i have ask the agent of Sunny, she said that we need contact our manager or upline to ask any lawyer represent our group (whole team) to claim back… if not we need find a lawyer to help us claim back the money… i’m still asking who is the head of my group….

  42. Kena Con? says

    Dear Susah and Unlucky Client,

    I wish I could help but we are all in the same boat. Lucky for me I am in KL and just by pure chance found out about the latest developments. Every query seems to lead to nowhere.

    At least you can get some information form this forum but still not many victims are aware of this .

    As I said earlier, I could have sworn that the date for the next hearing was March 12, but I may be wrong as the BNM website says March 15.

    You bet that I will be there on both dates, just in case there is an error, deliberate or otherwise.

    Once again, I hope other victims can come forward with more information.

  43. mei says

    I’ve checked with BNM officer. The date is 15.3.2012. Please bring along all documents showing the proof of purchase eg invoice, safe keeping receipt,etc. and make a copy to be submitted to BNM officer on that hearing day at court.

  44. Tan says

    I’m afraid I may have poured cold water here. But in so far trying to claim against a scam company, I have never succeed or see others successfully doing so. Most of time the outcome is that the company has nothing left in their pocket. What the authority can do is just send them to jail. The most prominent one is Sunshine which you can ask around who has ever gotten back money substantial enough?

  45. Kena Con? says

    Here’s some updates from the Court on March 15, 2012.

    There was a big turnout and there court room was filled to the brim. Many others could not enter and waited outside.

    The lawyer for The Gold Label requested for 3 months more and suggested that the matter be discussed between Bank Negara and all the parties involved. Bank Negara did not object. The Judge then set July 16, 2012 for next mention. If the case cannot be settled amicably, then it goes for hearing/argument.

    There were at least 5 or 6 other lawyers representing other individuals/third parties.

    Outside the court, people were mingling and ‘lost’ and asking around for more information. The TGL lawyer is suggesting that claimants submit a Statutory Declaration as proof of identification, otherwise ‘anyone can lay claim’.

    The Bank Negara guys were still registering those who have not done so.

    That is all I gathered. Can anyone else confirm what transpired?

    Thank you.

  46. Kena T. Poo says

    Dear Kena Con,

    I know some of the affected victims have registered with Bank Negara and produced all TGL forms in the registration.

    The TGL lawyer will try to wriggle and delay the case until the end of time.

    We must pressure Bank Negara into forcing TGL to own up and repay all investors their dues.

    At today’s gold price, there is enough profit to share around.

  47. Magnum PI says

    From today onwards,BNM has another 50 more cases to follow up after TGL. I can tell you that BNM is never going to continue on this case. This freeze is going to be eternity.

    • p c wong says

      This is my first visit here. I have posted some on the other thread “genneva gold”. I am amazed that despite all that is going on with TGL, people are still queuing up at the Genneva office at ,Kucai Lama.

      Chances are very very slim for any recovery from TGL investment. Court cases take forever, guilty sentences under BAFIA illegal deposit taking are very severe including prison term and huge fines. The masterminds will definitely be hiding all their I’ll gotten gains somewhere safe, overseas, for them to enjoy at a later time.

      You must all spread the word that Genneva gold is just the same as TGL, one huge scam. Make sure everyone hears about how things turned out at TGL.

      • Cheah Ming Choo says

        Dear PC,
        When TGL collapsed in Singapore followed by the BNM raid on the Mid Valley office, stirring speecheswere made by the directors and the sympathies of the customers was on their side. However, when the money/gold impact was felt, they turn to demand their pound of flesh. Some of the managers who got so used to living on commission such as fat busty RG, jump to SGV (father to GMSB) and had been enjoying their lifestyle since on the back of their “loyal” customers. Greed wins again and people like us are accused of “hindering them from making their fortune” I have just one message : There is life outside the goldcos and maybe you can make more money but definitely without the risk of getting scammed”. Happy gold trading but please avoid frauds.

  48. Unlucky client says

    Dear all: The BNM website state that next mention date for the court case is 16th July 2012, any body cab provide the update status or any information to us, we come from Sabah site.. we don have any agent help us, although we try to connect the lawyer oso no feedback (no answering our call)… thank you

  49. Unlucky client says

    Dear all: The BNM website state that next mention date for the court case is 16th July 2012, any body can provide the update status or any information to us, we come from Sabah site.. we don have any agent help us, although we try to connect the lawyer oso no feedback (no answering our call)… thank you

  50. Ling says

    For those of you in KL/PJ area who are looking for above average returns, kindly drop me an email. I have been experimenting with an online profit-sharing program and the result is very encouraging. The program has been around for over 18 months and has been paying out on average 1.5% DAILY. 45 minute Powerpoint presentation for you to understand the business model and why the company can pay up to 1.5% a day. Most important is that the program is SUSTAINABLE in the long term. Ling

  51. Anonymous says

    heard from my agent, that they’re going to have another court session on 26,27,28 Sept to finalize the judgement.

  52. Sunny says

    was updated that the Gold Label court case will be on 24th November. We’ll have to wait and see.

  53. Rayson says

    Are we going to sit around and wait till that date ? Trust me they will delay the case as long as they can..Look at Genneva how much publicity that they had generated from the public…If you have facebook please type Genneva World/ Malaysia you can see that there are thousands of comments from public..It has been 2 years since we have not gotten any news and we must PRESSURE THE AUTHORITIES AND COURT TO GIVE US THE FINAL DECISION AND TO GET JUSTICE FOR US !! DO NOT LET THE DIRECTORS GET AWAY SCOT FREE WITH OUR TEARS AND BLOOD MONEY !!!!

  54. liyana says

    guys may i know when is the next hearing bnm website it is stated august..pleae advise thx

  55. Kena Kon says

    Several court hearings and mentions have been postponed over and over again. December 10, 11 and 12 was supposed to be the hearing for the Gold Label case at Mahkamah Jenayah 3 at Kuala Lumpur. Again it has been postponed for reasons unknown. According to Court officials, the hearing will be on December 13 and 14, 2012. I can bet my last dollar that this case will again be postponed due to some stupid reasons.

    • Client says

      Hey guys… all of you rcvd any latest or update news? My site rcvd the letter from High Court said that next court hearing is fixed on 23th September 2013.

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