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TM Nest Egg (SP-Guaranteed 5)

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore has launched their TM Nest Egg (SP-Guaranteed 5 Series) on 1st November 2010.

TM Nest Egg (SP – Guaranteed 5 Series) is a three-year, non-participating single premium endowment, designed as a savings vehicle to accumulate wealth, while at the same time providing coverage against death, terminal illness (TI) and total and permanent disability (TPD).

The specifications of the TM Nest Egg (SP-Guaranteed 5 Series) policy are as follows:

Age at entry (min) : 1 age next birthday
Age at entry (max) : 65 age next birthday
Minimum single premium : S$20,000 (cash or SRS)
Maximum single premium : S$200,000

Duration : 3 years
Guaranteed maturity yield : 1.4% p.a.

In the event of death, total and permanent disability (Up to 65 Age Next Birthday) or terminal illness, 105% of single premium is payable.

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The Watchman says 11 years ago

These former insurance agents might have left for other reasons.
Wilfred, these people make good advisers. Teach them how to earn ethically and legally because they have conscience, morals and right values unlike the many salesmen out there who are more conmen and women than sales people.

The Watchman says 11 years ago

Consumers have to be more careful…the above is a confession of insurance salesman…salesman sells for commission and not your needs..If the non salesman advisers dwindle the salesmen get more concentrated and the more dangerous for you consumers.
Be discerning when choosing your adviser..he or she maybe a wolf in salesman’s clothing and it is double whammy. Neither can help you except your money to shrink.
It is a can’t beat them join them maxim.

Daniel P says 11 years ago

I have met 2 insurance agents who put their clients interests first, but they did not last long, it is after all a sales job, they had trouble meeting their sales targets, either change or leave.

    Wilfred Ling says 11 years ago

    Daniel P,

    I would like to meet the two insurance agents you mention. Kindly direct them to my website and ask them to contact me.


      DanielP says 11 years ago

      They have left the industry, it was very difficult to feed their families, just selling term insurance, when everybody else is selling ILPs.

        Wilfred Ling says 11 years ago

        If they are still keen in the industry but unable to feed themselves selling term, they may wish to meet me.

        From what you posted, they lack mentorship. Financial advisory isn’t about just selling insurance. If they relied purely on insurance sales to survive, they have got the wrong idea about financial planning anyway.

The Watchman says 11 years ago

Another bluff the 3 year old children product by the never cut bonus company.!!! It is truly a great product to screw up the finances of some loss averse folks whose cluelessness and ignorance and fear are always exploited by self serving company and their unscrupulous agents or salesmen disguised as angels. If the agents are truly and sincere about putting these folks interest first they should work harder , even without the reward, to give the best advice to them.
This is posted in Wilfred’s site
“A better deal is the ICICI Bank which is currently offering 2.15%pa fixed deposit over the same 3 years period. It is also offering 1.45%pa for 1 year fixed deposit. ”

is a still better deal although it also comes with a negative return.
For the sake of your descendants , insurance agents, do something good that they can be proud of.

bluewind22 says 11 years ago

ICICI Bank limited Singapore Branches Fixed Deposits is better
36 months for 2.15%.

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