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TM Wealth Enhancement (EnRICH)

Didn’t had the opportunity previously to post about this new plan which was launched in April 2011 by Tokio Marine but here we go.

TM Wealth Enhancement (EnRICH) is a participating single premium 5-year endowment policy.

The maturity benefit payable will result in the following guaranteed and projected total yields:

Single Premium $20,000 to $199,000

Guaranteed Yield : 1.01% p.a.
Projected Yield: 3.02% p.a.

Single Premium $200,000 and above

Guaranteed Yield : 1.05% p.a.
Projected Yield: 3.06% p.a.

Upon death or TPD, 125% of single premium plus any attaching bonus will be payable in one lump sum. For those who do not meet the criteria of the simplified underwriting, the sum assured will be 100% of premium with attaching bonus.

The guideline for issue of a TM Wealth Enhancement (EnRICH) policy is as follows:

Min age at entry (min) : 1 age next birthday (Cash), 22 age next birthday (SRS)

Max age at entry (max) :70 age next birthday

Minimum premium: $20,000 single premium

Term : 5 years

This product is a strong rival to NTUC’s Growth plan, also a single premium endowment plan but of varying duration from 5 years onwards.

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The Watchman says 9 years ago

Who is it for ?
3.02 or 3.06% hardly any growth if not loss just like the misnomer ntuc growth.
For the rich is just preservation at BEST. For the poor it is sure die condemned to staus quo.
With 5.5% inflation…..what is the real return?

Jasmin says 9 years ago

Any plus points on this policy as compared to those offered by other insurance companies?

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