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Guess the SIMSCI Contest

The SIMSCI is the name of the futures for Singapore MSCI Index. Macquarie is organising a guess the SIMSCI contest. For the current contest, details are as follows: Closing date for submissions: 07 Jan 2011, 06:00:00 PM Guess the level of the SiMSCI at: 14 Jan 2011, 05:15:00 PM Current SiMSCI future contact: January This […]

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Trading the Singapore Market Using Futures

One way of trading the Singapore market is through the use of futures, which allows you to take either a long or short position in a cost efficient manner. On the SGX derivatives board, there is both the STI futures and MSCI Singapore futures (SiMSCI). Options on the SiMSCI are also available. Each point of […]

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Extended Settlement Contract on STI ETF

Tomorrow, SGX will launch an Extended Settlement (ES) contract on the streetTRACKS STI ETF. Just a recap, extended settlement contract is a new product launched by SGX two months ago. It allows one to take a long or short position on a stock for slightly more than a month without the need to put up […]

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Extended Settlement Contracts

Extended Settlement Contracts, or ES for short,┬ástarted trading on SGX today. You might have read a couple of news articles on ES. So, what exactly are Extended Settlement Contracts? It is a futures contract that allow you to buy or sell shares of a particular company today but which will be settled at a future […]

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Peter Elsworth on Financial Freedom Using Eminis

The next presentation after Steven Molnar was Peter Elsworth. Peter Elsworth was a name unknown to me but he was supposed to teach us on E-Minis. Before Peter came on, Garry Kewish, a former president of Brian Tracy International, gave us an introduction on Peter and E-Minis. Garry spent more than an hour telling us: […]

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