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Olam Hit by Muddy Water Allegations

Olam International, a Singapore listed agriculture commodities trader, has become the latest company to be hit by research company Muddy Waters. Muddy Waters had in recent times published research reports against Chinese companies that trade in North America and had profited from its short positions. One notable case, Sino-Forest Corp eventually filing for bankruptcy protection […]

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Jack Schwager Market Wizards Seminar Review

Over the last weekend, Jack Schwager, author of the very famous Market Wizards books, was here in Singapore to conduct a series of seminars. I had the opportunity to attend one of the sessions and would be sharing here some of the ideas that Jack spoke about. For those who do not know, Jack interviewed […]

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How to Invest In Gold In Singapore

Some people have asked me what are the different ways to invest in gold in Singapore and also which is the best way. In this gold-related article, I shall list out the ways that an individual can do so along with the pros and cons of each method. This article is meant to be introductory, […]

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StockWhiz Contest Secrets

The StockWhiz competition organized by SGX and SIAS almost came to an ominous end when it started last week. After just a day or two of the 2-month plus competition, the top performers looked something like this: These were results that would probably put the best traders in the world to shame. It would also […]

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Risk Free Options Trading Strategy

I was at a seminar preview yesterday where the presenter was trying to sell an options trading strategy as part of a investment course. The options trading strategy was supposed to yield about 2% a month and involved selling options. The presenter even showed us screenshots of his actual trading account, which recorded all the […]

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