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Understanding CKA and CAR

With effect from Jan 2012, MAS introduced new requirements that impacts any investor who wishes to trade Specified Investment Products (SIPs) such as Futures, Options, ETFs, Warrants and more.

For those who are still unclear about the requirements, you can find out more at this special seminar organised by Phillips Futures with SGX.

Date: 11th February 2012
Time: 1330 to 1630hrs
Venue: SGX Auditorium
Cost: Free

Program Highlights:

• Introduction to CAR, CKA and SIPs

– What is the new CAR and CKA process about?
– Who needs to do this?
– Why is CAR and CKA needed?
– Which products are classified as SIP?
– What is the process to be qualified to invest in SIP?
– What educational resources are available to learn about SIP?

• Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds

• Risks in investing in ETFs

• Introduction to Warrants

• Introduction to Futures

• Introduction to Options

• Introduction to Certificate

• Introduction to ETN

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