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Warren Buffett’s Top 3 Advice For the Average Person Who Wants to Grow Their Savings and Keep it Safe

If you come across any investment opportunity, keep the words of Warren Buffett in mind:

1. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Always look at how much the other guy is making when he is trying to sell you something.

3. Stay away from leverage. Nobody ever goes broke that doesn’t owe money.

Warren Buffett has also started “acting” in a new cartoon series called the Secret Millionaire’s Club. Actually, it’s his voice that does the acting. The cartoon is meant to help children understand more about investing and financial planning.

Here’s a teaser (first 10s commercial):

Recents comments from the Oracle of Ohama

US economy is still very, very soft and Warren Buffett knows it first hand from the performance of his consumer businesses. The decline has stopped but it’s a flat line now which can go either way.

He doesn’t know how long it will last but it will eventually rebound strongly over a period of years.

One way to help the recession end more quickly is to stop building any more homes, and at some point a second stimulus package might be needed.

Unfortunately, a long term effect of all the medicine that is being employed now is inflation.

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