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Alignment of Names of Shares in Trading Counter and CDP

Starting from today, SGX will standardise how shares of listed companies are identified on their trading counters and on investors’ Central Depository (CDP) statements. This will make it easier for investors to recognise the names of the companies they are invested in. This initiative only affects ordinary shares. Both the company’s stock code and legal name will not be changed. Previously, there might be slight differences in how share might be represented as a trading counter and in the CDP statements. Sometimes, there might be an extra space or word, but sometimes, they might be … [Read More...]

EcoHouse Investors Stranded

EcoHouse is a company that offers real estate investment opportunities in Brazil. One of their investment projects offered a 20% return for a one year duration. A couple of days ago, there was an article in the Business Times which reported that investors who invested in the EcoHouse scheme were still waiting for their money back. (You can read the full article here.) The investors were offered an option to extend the maturity to 3 years. In return, they would be able to get a … [Read More...]

New Order Types on SGX

Singapore Exchange (SGX) will be enhancing the types of orders for the stock market from 31 March 2014. This is a good catch-up by SGX as some of these orders are already commonly available on the exchanges of other more developed markets. The enhancements will offer investors more flexibility and convenience in their trading. The changes are: (1) Making market orders and market-to-limit orders available throughout trading session Market orders are buy or sell orders which are … [Read More...]

Soaring Land Prices Suicidal for Developers

An article that I recently read carried this headline "Soaring Land Prices 'suicidal' for Land Developers". The headline was attributed to Kwek Leng Beng, who said last year that our skyrocketing land prices and restrictive rules (e.g. all new homes must be sold within two years of construction) made buying residential land in Singapore "suicidal". I cannot agree more. First of all, margins have slipped to 10% or even as low as 5% as one insider recently told me. A 5% margin on a major … [Read More...]

Error in Commenting Function on Website

I just found out that the commenting function on the website has not been working since the later part of October 2013 due to some technical issues. If you had tried to make a comment on my posts during that time, it would not have gone into the system and as a result, I would not have seen it. I apologize if that had happened to you. I had been wondering why nobody was making any comments for the past few months and detected the problem after conducting some tests. I have since fixed … [Read More...]