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Share Consolidation Not Helpful

Share Consolidation Not Helpful

My letter Share Consolidation Not Helpful was published in the ST Forum on 09 Oct 2014. This is in response to a letter written by Jimmy Ho, President of The Society of Remisiers. Price to pay for 'good-looking' mainboard My original unedited letter is as follows: The letter by Jimmy Ho ("Price to pay for 'good-looking' mainboard" : Oct 7) brings up a good point. Penny stocks are more prone to speculative activities due to their low market capitalization and lack of institutional interests. It just happens that many companies with low market capitalization also have low trading … [Read More...]

SCB Step-Up Time Deposit

SCB Step-Up Time Deposit

Standard Chartered Bank currently has a very popular fixed deposit promotion, the SCB Step-Up Time Deposit. The other day, I was at one of SCB branches and the place was full of people! There were many people waiting to open a Step-Up account with a waiting time of almost 3 hours. The offer was previously open from 19 September to 30 September but has been extended to 3 Oct 2014 due to the popularity. To be eligible for the offer, you need at least $25k of fresh funds, subject to a … [Read More...]


The Race to Lower Commissions for Singapore Shares

Before the invention of the internet, stock traders/investors used to rely heavily on their stock brokers to check the prices. For those of you who are old enough, you might remember the good old teletext. Commissions those days used to be quite high and being a remisier can be a lucrative career. After the start of online trading and a first wave of reduction, commissions have dropped to the typical 0.4% (min $40) for phone trades and 0.275% (min $25) for online trades. Every client … [Read More...]

Bottled Wealth Holdings

The Bottled Wealth Holdings Gone Sour

Looks like another wine investment that are being sold to retail investors has gone sour. Accordingly to an article in the Straits Times yesterday, six angry investors had gone to the office of The Bottled Wealth Holdings to demand their money back. The investors had been promised returns of at least 15% within three years but […]


Consultation Paper on Retail Bond Offerings

In Singapore, retail investors have a lack of choices if they want to buy a bond as there are very few bonds that are listed on the secondary (retail) market. Wholesale bonds are denominated in sizes of $200,000 and more. Conservative investors who do not want to invest in the stock markets end up doing one of […]

Sentosa Cove

Strata Shops and High End Sentosa Cove Properties

What do strata-titled-shops and high end Sentosa Cove properties have in common? Some of their investors are hurting big time. Falling Sentosa Cove Prices According to a Reuters article about Sentosa Cove, property prices on Sentosa Cove have fallen due to distressed sales and many houses are sitting empty. Mortgagee sales have quadrupled to 64 […]