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Fixed Deposits Promotions 2014

There was quite a fair bit of interest in my previous post on the POSB 1.5% p.a. savings promotion, so I thought I can update you on some of the other fixed deposit rates right now. Generally, interest rates are slowly creeping up with the end of qualitative easing in the US. These are some current promotions: UOB 1.25% p.a. for 8 months CIMB 1.3% p.a. for 1 year HSBC 1.25% p.a. for 10 months ICBC 1.35% p.a. for 1 year If you know of other promotions, kindly share by posting on the comments below. Thanks! … [Read More...]


POSB 1.5% Savings Promotion

POSB is currently running a promotion where they will give 1.5% p.a. interest on a topup to a POSB or DBS savings account. The topup amount can be between $1000 and $20000 and will earn interest at the rate of 1.5% p.a. for 6 months. How to Qualify Register by 22 Dec 2014. Complete a one-time top-up by 31 Dec 2014. Maintain top-up amount for 6 months. The registration link can be found below: POSB Savings Promotion Other terms and conditions can be found here: Terms … [Read More...]


Settlement for Pinnacle Notes Holders

Good news for Pinnacle Notes investors. Kirby McInerney LLP has announced a settlement of US$20 million for their Pinnacle Notes litigation with Morgan Stanley. As the case was a class action suit, retail investors in Singapore who bought the defaulted Pinnacle Notes series 1,2,3,6,7, 9 and 10 may be eligible for some compensation. This applies even to people who may have obtained some kind of earlier settlement with their financial institutional or through Fidrec. Under the settlement, … [Read More...]


Deferred Savings Scheme for Foreign Workers an Excellent Idea

My letter on foreign worker levies : Benefits of a CPF scheme for foreign workers was published in the Straits Times forum section yesterday. I wrote the letter in response to a speech by Ho Kwon Ping – S’pore ‘must get creative’ on housing, income inequality. He had the same idea about converting the present foreign worker levy scheme […]


More Fees for Saxo Platform Users

I have always liked the convenience of using Saxo’s trading platform. Saxo provides a multi-purpose platform that supports transactions of equities (both local and overseas), bonds, futures, CFDs, leveraged forex and even forex options. The only common instrument that they do not support are stock options. They allow you to have accounts in multiple currencies and […]


Lessons We Can Learn from the Sim Lim Square Incident

The story of the week has to be the Sim Lim Square scams. Unless you have not been reading any news in the past week, you would have read about the public fury over the actions of certain retailers in Sim Lim Square. Very seldom have we seen the public so united in their condemnation […]