Welcome to Martin Lee @ Sg, a place where I pen my thoughts on investing, trading, insurance and all other types of financial matters. The focus is more on Singapore, as this is where I am currently based. I have extensive experience in investing : ... [Read More...]


MAS to Regulate Unregulated Investment Products

In the past ten years, there had been many companies that offered all kinds of investment opportunities to the public. Companies like Profitable Plots, Genneva Gold, Oil Pods,...The list goes on. Even though the public are sold what are essentially investment products, these are mostly unregulated as they are considered as non capital markets products which does not fall under the purview of MAS and their current regulations. After years of lobbying from the public and countless collapse of unregulated investment products leaving retail investors stranded, MAS has finally come up with a … [Read More...]


Beware of LinkedIn Scams

It seems that scammers can try all sorts of things nowadays. The LinkedIn scam that I'm going to describe is actually not new and used to be sent via emails. What is new is that in order to make the message seem more authentic, it was sent via a LinkedIn message. A few weeks ago, I received a LinkedIn connection request from a person called Charles Anthony. His LinkedIn profile indicated that he worked at HSBC Private Bank. Shortly after I accepted his connection request, he sent me … [Read More...]

medishield reserves and loss ratio

Of Medishield Reserves and Its Loss Ratio

Reading the recent Parliament discussion on our Medishield reserves and its loss ratio¬†got me thinking...and writing. Insurance Loss Ratio From an insurance point of view, a loss ratio is defined as the ratio of what an insurance company pays in benefits and associated expenses (such as adjustments) to what is collected in premiums, expressed as a percentage. It was highlighted in Parliament that the loss ratio of Medishield last year was around 44%. Meaning for every $1 of premiums … [Read More...]


SGX StockWhiz Contest 2014

The SGX StockWhiz contest is back again! StockWhiz is a trading simulation competition by SGX where participants can win real money. There are 20 prizes each month (up to S$2500 each winner, depending on the winner’s realized profits in the month), 3 overall prizes (up to S$10000 each winner, depending on the winner’s realized profits […]


EcoHouse on MAS Investor Alert List

Today, there was an article on Straits Times that Brazilian property developer EcoHouse has been placed on MAS Investor Alert List. Actually, the news is not new as EcoHouse was already placed on the MAS watch list quite a while back. The sales network manager of EcoHouse, Simon Dawson, did not respond to Straits Times […]

email error

Resolving Email Updates Error Message

If you have signed up to my free email updates prior to August 2013, you might have started to see this error message in my emails to you recently. To see the full text of my posts in your email again, you will need to resubscribe again under my new email delivery service provider. You […]