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No More Benefit Illustration for Single Premium ILPs

Due to a change to the regulatory requirements by MAS, it is no longer permissible for the insurance companies to provide any benefit illustrations for single premium and recurring single premium investment-linked plans (ILP). The change takes effect from 1 Feb 2014 onwards. This is to avoid misinterpretation of investment projections. This is a positive […]

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ILP Returns are Not Guaranteed

Read an interview on the Sunday Times the other day and it immediately stuck me to write something on it. What financial planning have you done for yourself? I’ve a unit trust-linked savings plan which gives me an 8 per cent return annually over a seven-year period. This allows me to draw out the cash […]

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Buying ILPs When Elderly

I have always not been a supporter of regular premiums investment-linked plans (ILP). While the product is fairly transparent, most people who buy ILPs do not really know or understand what they have bought. Investment returns are not guaranteed, and the level premiums can be misleading as the mortality costs actually goes up with age. […]

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Conned into a Regular Premium Investment Plan

I read this post on a person being conned into take up a regular premium investment-linked plan when she actually wanted a single premium plan. Thinking it was a $60k lump sum investment, the person was shocked when she was asked to pay premiums of $60k the next year. If the facts are correct, the […]

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Are ILPS a Conservative Investment?

I read with interest Genecia Luo’s interview with Lorna Tan which was published in the Sunday Times yesterday. Inside the article, she was quoted as being “a conservative investor” and her portfolio consists mainly of insurance products. These include a whole life policy which her mum bought for her when she was born, and two […]

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