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7 Pillars of Successful Trading

Today, I’m sharing a few points that I got from Brandon Wendell a few months ago when he spoke at the Asia Trader and Investor Conference. Brandon is a former stockbroker, brokerage trader and hedge fund trader. Fundamental Analysis Technical Analysis Execution Ability to execute at most favourable points Confident exits Conditional orders Automatic executions […]

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Creating a Trade Plan Using Pivot Points

One strategy that I learnt from Richard Kang during the Asia Trader and Investor Conference is on the use of pivot points to create your trade plan. This is a very simple trade plan that doesn’t require much monitoring of real time charts. Before I go into the plan, let me first explain what a […]

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Stuart McPhee on Developing a Trader’s Mindset

I kind of liked Stuart McPhee’s first day lecture on money management, so I decided to fork out some money to attend his second lecture titled “Developing a Trader’s Mindset”. Just to recap, Staurt attributes 60% of a successful trader to his psychology, 30% to his money management and 10% to his system. Thus, this […]

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Daryl Guppy on Market Myths

One paid session of the ATIC that I attended was the one by Daryl Guppy. The title of his presentation was “Myth Breakers – Understanding real market behaviour“. Market myths are commonly accepted thinking or explanations related to the stock market. These myths do not really reflect the real situation. “Uncommon results, such as superior […]

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Richard Kang on Becoming a Full Time Trader

Another session that I attended during the Asia Trader and Investor Conference is a talk by Richard Kang (江来泉) on “What you should prepare if you intend to trade full time in futures market?” Richard is a professional trader and Senior Market Strategist from NextVIEW Group. He’s a regular contributor to various publications such as […]

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