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Launch of AIA Wealth Accumulator 2

AIA Wealth Accumulator 2 was launched yesterday on 19 May 2014. AIA Wealth Accumulator 2 is a 4-year non-participating single premium endowment plan that provides financial protection against death and guaranteed returns on capital at maturity. This plan is available on a limited tranche basis. The offer period is until the tranche size is met. Key […]

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AIA Premier Disability Cover

AIA recently launched their AIA Premier Disability Cover plan, a plan that provides protection in the event a person is unable to work due to illness or injury. This type of plan is what we call a disability income type of plan. A disability income plan provides a monthly income benefit as long as you […]

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Prudential PruUniversal Vantage

Prudential is the latest insurer to offer a universal life product, PruUniversal Vantage. This comes just after Great Eastern Life launched their own universal life product, Prestige Legacy some weeks ago. AIA also has their own universal life product, AIA Platinum Legacy. For those who are not familiar with universal life (UL), this class of […]

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AIA 2Pay5

Next week, AIA will be launching the S$ 2Pay5 plan, a 5-year non-participating, limited 2-year pay product (Edit: The plan has been launched already). How it works is that you will need to pay annual premiums for two years, and then receive a lump sum payout at the end of five years. The plan offers […]

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AIA Wealth Accumulator (A$)

AIA yesterday launched their new A$ Wealth Accumulator product. AIA A$ Wealth Accumulator is a 4.5-year, non-participating single premium endowment plan. The guaranteed yields are as follows: Single Premium Amount (A$) $10,000 – $29,000 : 4.50% p.a. $30,000 – $74,000 : 4.60% p.a. $75,000 and above : 4.70% p.a. As an example, a single premium […]

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